Christopher Saint Uses Art and Creativity for Social Change

Creativity for communication and self-expression is essential for encouraging social change. It allows for the spread of knowledge and education to an audience affected by various social challenges, such as poverty, violence or protecting human rights. Creativity has had a long connection with social change as artists and creative thinkers have constantly been crafting pieces to create awareness against the negative vices of our world. In today’s world, technology has enhanced the position of creativity in the fight for social change through activism. It is now easier to spread a message to a broader audience in a video, image, or text form; you can quickly do this as simply as sharing a link.

Christopher Saint is an entrepreneur and queer music artist leading the fight for freedom to express love. He has a passion for passing his message in visual storytelling to motivate and inspire other people. Christopher believes that creativity and storytelling are the centers for world change. He is a two-time graduate and guest lecturer at the University of Southern California and a very proud artist of color. Also a successful entrepreneur, Christopher is a vocal advocate for human rights and storytelling. His video was crowned ‘The Choice Video’ for 2017 at the OutWebFest, an annual global Film Festival sponsored by REVRY and YouTube.

“We are existing in a time where artists are now seizing the conversation for change and social impact. Artists have always been at the forefront of leading emotional revolutions and helping society reach for new possibilities. Where we are at politically and socially today, we as artists hold the responsibility of articulating a renewed vision of love,” said Christopher.

His contribution to the entertainment and media industry is visible in the many advertising campaigns, video commercials, and creative content for an array of media and entertainment brands he has created. Over the last decade, he has founded trends for the digital and social media revolution for important publishers, such as People Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, and some of social media’s big names like Kim Kardashian, Kelly Osbourne, Paris Hilton, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Lindsay Lohan, Noah Centineo, among others.

Christopher said, “I’ve been fortunate to learn from my clients about how to create a powerful message with resonance. Living in this social media world, we are inundated

with thousands and thousands of messages every day. I think the most powerful artists over time are the ones who are willing to hold a conversation that most people aren’t. They are the ones brave enough to challenge the status quo and fight for justice.”

Being a musician working for change in society, Christopher has launched the Made in Love Movement to further his mission. The movement is a powerful collection of artists dedicated to advocating change by amplifying the consciousness of love in society. Generally, he uses art as the platform for sharing their different stories and truth. He believes ideas have the power to change the world and are more impactful when shared to inspire and transform new audiences.

Christopher said, “Building community has always been such an essential part of my mission. I believe both art and business are powerful agents that can be harnessed to foster and cultivate co-creation and collaborations to make a difference. I love the healing power of music to build bridges and create connections. My favorite experience as an artist is being able to perform in spaces where I can see the impact on the audiences’ faces first-hand.”

His vision is to witness a more inclusive world where everyone can share and show affection without being judged. His song “Love is Love” has been adopted as an anthem for the LGBTQ+ community, and Christopher is slated to release new music this summer from his debut album. Having performed at countless venues in Los Angeles, from the Viper Room to the Abbey, he received an invitation to speak and perform at the LA Pride and OC Pride in Southern California, which was one of his career milestones. Such achievements make him proud as he can see the impact his art is having on society.

Christopher said, “My measurement of success has shifted dramatically. At this point, I’m only concerned with purpose. I’ve taken off all the pressure off my music needing to be ‘successful.’ I am stepping out to contribute what I can to an essential conversation of love–one that is so needed not only in our country but throughout the world. If my role as an entrepreneur and artist can in some way work towards that contribution, I will be so proud of what I’ve been able to achieve, today and every day.”

In all his campaigns, Christopher has never had to compromise his truth to achieve his dreams. It gives him more strength to continue sharing his truths with the world in a way that is dear to his heart. He is making what seemed like taboo a reality, thus changing some of the stereotypical beliefs existing in society. He is also creating an environment that allows peaceful coexistence despite the differences in thoughts. He has seen drastic changes in society’s acceptance of people who are different or who do not reflect the norm.

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