Achieving seemingly impossible goals requires tireless effort and perseverance; A real memories of the life of Iranian reputable dermatologist Dr. Amir Feily

I was in the fifth year of the course of medicine, and before entering any department, we used to ask the senior students about the professors of that department and their habits, and to know their moral characteristics before entering any department.

Until it was the turn of the radiology department.Radiology had good professors, but unfortunately one of the professors who had a very good education and the students praised him a lot, had problems with the university before we entered that department, and left the education system.

The teaching period of radiology was one month, and that dear doctor, Dr. Kasraei, was on duty in the teaching hospital every other day, and we were told that Dr. Kasraei’s days were off  and students should be in department every other day. All the student were happy that the class would not be held for half a month and that they would rest.

Ultimately the radiology department started and it was Dr. Kasraei’s day. I just entered the radiology room and saw the doctor pasting the radiology photos one by one on negatoscope and interpreting them. He said I am not an educator, I do not give any mark, you do not need to come, I said, doctor, I know, I am sitting around and just seeing from far, the doctor, who was angry with the university, said, I am not an educator, I never give any explanation.

I said, “I know, my teacher, I just sat around and never ask anything. That day was over and Dr. Kasraei finished the photos and left. On the second day, I put my chair away from the doctor again. I sat behind him.” I never teach you anything, I said I know dear doctor, ,It is Ok for me.  that day was over too , Dr. Kasraei did not say anything and left, the third day came and I put my chair away from the doctor again and sat down, Dr. Kasraei turned to me and said with a laugh: Come and sit next to me and he started to explain, He told me go to every wards and collect whatever radiology photo you found and let’s work together. In short, from that day on, I looked for radiology photos in all wards and took them to dr.Kasraeis room and he work with me like a private tutor and tell me hundreds of points, and I was very happy with the prolific radiology department which half of which had to be closed and idle.

Dr Amir Feily is a reputable Iranian dermatologist right know and has introduced a lot of methods in medicine and published around 100 papers in high level medical journals. One of most important differentiator of Dr Feily and also part of why he’s been able to build valued reputation, is his tireless effort and perseverance in his education and also all aspects of his life. He has invented a new method of hair transplantation as Feily method and also developed many new modes of laser treatment in many ressistant dermatologic disorders like melasma and variety of scars like acne scars.

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