A Realtor’s Quest to Change Lives – Jennifer Patterson’s Story

Getting into real estate has, for decades now, been a rising trend.

Just about everybody knows somebody else who’s dabbling in the real estate industry. The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials reported in 2020 that in the US, there are approximately 2 million real estate licensees.

This poses a problem for realtors in America. On the one hand, there is a huge pool of competitors in the industry. On the other hand, some property purchasers report having bad negative experiences with realtors who haven’t done their due diligence when aiding their clients in the process of making a purchase. These realtors are but a small portion who stand apart from the experienced majority.

Indeed, with the influx of people getting into the real estate business, there is an increasing pressure for real estate agents to rise above the mass.

Knowing this, Jennifer Patterson,  owner of Jennifer Patterson Realty, has set out to distinguish herself from the fold.

And she does this by simply having a heart.

Making a Name for Oneself as a Realtor

Jennifer Patterson Realty’s team of experts takes the time to provide free consultations for their clients before listing a home. Each listing is measured by an appraiser to design floor plans before videos and photographs are professionally taken. She also specially designs marketing materials for every listing she takes. . It’s that extra mile the team goes which lets each client recognize when their needs are well taken care of.

“I treat each listing as if it’s a live performance,” Jennifer said when discussing her team’s tactics when it comes to property listings. “We really need to do our preparation in order to perform well during the listing period.”

Furthermore, Jennifer herself has ample experience to handle the business. She was born to a business-driven, visionary father and a mother who was an accomplished elementary educator. Together, her parents had invested in 40 properties in South Carolina. Jennifer then consulted with the family’s property managers and provided financial advice.

“My dad’s gut instinct for business, his visionary approach, and the ability to ‘drive a hard bargain’ or negotiate well definitely come naturally to me,” Jennifer said.

She went on to expand her horizons in business education at Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business. She then obtained a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. With her degree in hand, she took a job at Deloitte and, later on, at KPMG.

Her background in accounting, business, and information systems has provided ample weapons for her arsenal. It is no wonder that, after making that career leap to the world of real estate, Jennifer has closed over $100 million and is listed as one of Business Insider’s ‘Top Ten Agents to Watch in 2021’.

Taking the Time to Attain Her Acumen

What Jennifer and her team prioritize more than experience and knowledge, however, is heart.

Jennifer has always enjoyed serving others. Before her time with Jennifer Patterson Realty, she took on several roles, one of which involved leading a group partially owned by the UNC Health System. She was tasked with the role of opening primary care facilities, including Pittsboro Family Medicine, where she worked closely with an assigned physician to hire staff, acquire equipment and supplies, supervise the building as well as establish both clinical and financial platforms.

Even today in her real estate business, Jennifer and her team strive to make their business personal.

“I seek to understand before being understood,” Jennifer explained. “One of the challenging parts of my business is managing all the family members and their different styles of dealing with stressful situations. I find that most people want to be heard and validated as to their thought process.”

Indeed, purchasing a home is a huge step. First-time homebuyers usually find the experience daunting and overwhelming. As such, Jennifer Patterson Realty takes the time to recognize not only the financial aspect but also the emotional aspect of this process as well.

Jennifer also invests her energy to thoroughly check her work ensure her tasks are accomplished. This is a significant attitude a realtor can possess, seeing as it’s not uncommon to find that important details have been overlooked in real estate matters. Mistakes often snowball into headaches for both realtors and potential clients.

Fueling Her Real Estate Business with Passion

Besides the human touch her company brings in every dealing with a client, Jennifer aspires to reach more than just potential clients. For each transaction from a sale or purchase, funds are donated to Food for the Poor. Jennifer dubs this program, ‘building a home while buying and selling a home’. Each closing thus brings with it a contribution of at least $500 for a home-building fund. Sizeable transactions have led to contributions of up to $3,800.

“All children need a home, or a ‘soft place to fall’ throughout their growth. If you help the parents provide for their family, this homestead creates a base for stability and a place for sharing traditions and values with others.”

Indeed, Jennifer’s sentiments are shared by many. Providing a home for the underprivileged is something many organizations strive to do. It lays a foundation for stability and a place for a family to grow together, both economically and emotionally. Jennifer and her team recognize this and strive to help communities thrive, conveying their positive energy through their work and passion.

Of course, such an endeavor doesn’t bear fruit easily. Reselling properties that were purchased as primary homes or investments brings several challenges. However, the gratification obtained from fueling this ‘giving engine’ is the soul of Jennifer Patterson Realty. This mission stimulates her to keep moving forward to help those in need.

When asked why she was willing to undertake this mission, Jennifer said, “I was searching for a greater purpose to my work. I was seeking a purpose beyond assisting my great clients in this thriving first-world culture. I wanted to give more of my abundance.”

As of now, the company’s efforts have helped to build over 20 homes for the impoverished all over the world.

Jennifer and her business are indeed proof of the fact that realtors play a huge role in providing quality homes for property purchasers. But they also show that real estate agents have the capacity to play an even bigger social role in aiding the poor. Homelessness is a real issue that has thrived in cultures all over the world. Jennifer and her team recognize the need for lending a hand in order to help the less fortunate take the first steps to break the cycle of poverty in their lives. Perhaps realtors like her can help shine a spotlight on real estate agents’ full potential.

After all, in Jennifer’s eyes, all it takes is a vision and a lot of heart to change the world, one home at a time. 

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