10 Great Media Storage Furniture Items to Grab Online

For many homeowners, the TV is the focal point of their living room. Every TV needs a stylish piece of media storage furniture to accompany it. When it comes to getting the right media storage, it needs to be attractive but also able to store many belongings to keep the area free of clutter.

When you’re ready to give your living room a makeover, here are 10 great media storage furniture items to grab online:

1: Modloft Baxter Media Cabinet

This attractive walnut wood cabinet has a matte grey base that blends well with nearly any room’s theme. It’s long and spacious, with open cubbies to make for easy organization.

2: Modloft Gramercy Media Console

Elevate your room to a new level in style with this trendy media storage from Modloft. It’s available in three different shades and is very easy to assemble. 

3: Elements Media Storage Cabinet

This elegant media console from Lumen’s Light and Living is an easy way to add a classy touch to any room. With 3 different designs and a selection of sizes, there’s something for everyone.

4: Stacking Media Cabinet

For smaller spaces, Bro Dart offers stacking media cabinets. There are several different size options, so people can get the right one for their room. These are a great option for people with a lot of different forms of media, but limited space.

5: Tanami 7107

At BDI USA, there’s a wide selection of media storage furniture. The Tanami 7107 is one of the top-selling designs because it offers superior storage space with a very classy design. It can give any basic living room an upscale touch.

6: Renard 68 Carved Media Console

Cracker Barrel is known for its stylish furniture and they really hit the mark with the Renard 68 Carved Media Console. This dark and light design has a stylish pattern that can instantly add appeal to any living room. 

7: Austin 62 Media Console

This trendy media console from Cracker Barrel has a unique design to make storage fun. Not only will it help you stay organized, but it will also give your entertainment space more appeal. If you love seeing your media on display, this console’s shelves are one of the most attractive ways to display it.

8: Eldridge Media Cabinet

If you like a clutter-free zone, this media cabinet from Modloft will help you achieve that. Its crisp and clean look also makes it easier for you to keep your media organized so your living room never gets messy. 

9: Trinell 63 Media Stand

Ashley Homestore is known for beautiful furniture at a fair price. This media stand has a classic country look that can give any living room a more comfortable vibe. Its simplistic style helps it blend easily into any room’s theme.

10: Mozanburg 72 Media Stand

This rustic media stand from Ashley Furniture brings beauty and functionality to the living room. It comes with enough storage space to keep all of your media out of the way. Fans of old fashion furniture will easily fall in love with this design.

Final Thoughts

Media organization has never looked so good. When you need a place to set your TV but also keep your media organized, these media storage stands will instantly make your living room look better. You can kick back and relax without having to look at a clutter of media. 

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