What Are Typical Hip Hop Jewelry Pieces?

If you’re looking to add the best pieces of hip hop jewelry into your collection, look no further. We’ve got the low down on all the best types of bling for your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a specific type of chain or the blingy-est pendants out there, we can help you get what you’re looking for. 


There are so many different varietals of hip-hop chains. Whether you’re looking for something that matches your favorite hip-hop singer, or something that matches your favorite baseball player, there’s something out there for you. 

The most popular types of hip-hop chains are Cuban, box, rope, snake, and Franco chains. Some chains are better for pendants, while other work best as stand-alone or iced-out chains. If you wear more black, you’ll want to opt for silver chains, if wear more white, gold chains will be your best friend. Feel free to mix it up though, because this rule doesn’t really matter. 


In order to make your blinged-out look cohesive, you should opt for some matching gold or silver chains. Wear them with your watch to make for the perfect style. You can wear a combination of gold and silver chains, but make sure they match throughout. For example, don’t wear gold chains on your neck and silver chains on your wrists. wear both on both. 


Pendants are the ultimate show of status and culture in the world of hip-hop jewelry. Pendants look best when they’re completely iced-out. They add the perfect amount of bling around the neck and really stand out. There are so many different options for pendants, but they are much more expensive because of how much gold and silver they contain, even if they’re just plated. 


Grillz are another hot accessory that was popularized by the hip-hop music stage. There are two different types of grillz, ones that are removable, and ones that aren’t. Removable grillz are much more popular than they used to be, overshadowing the ones that are glued directly onto your teeth. 

Removable grillz allow you to bling out your smile whenever you want, but give you the option of not having to wear them all the time. Another popular trend that falls into the same category is teeth gems. You can have small diamonds or gold pieces adhered to the teeth for a different kind of look. 

Dog Tags

Dog tags were originally popularized as an accessory because of the military, serving as identification tags. Military members would continue to wear them after serving their time, or people would wear the dog tags of their fallen friends or family members. 

However, nowadays dog tags aren’t used as widely, but they’re still a fashion statement. You can order personalized dog tags with your information on them, or the information of a lost loved one. Either way, they make for a great addition to a look, whether you’re rocking something simple or something heavily blinged-out. 

Personalized Bling

If you’re looking to take your bling to the next level, you can get something personalized. This can mean one of two things. You can either get an existing piece engraved, or you can have a jeweler make something that’s unique to you specifically. While the latter is much more expensive, it’ll be worth it in the long run to have something that’s so special and unique to you. 

No matter what you choose to go with to add to your collection, you’re gonna look great with your new chains, bracelets, and other hip-hop jewelry. Remember, the name of the game is over-doing it, so don’t be afraid to add something else to your look.

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