How to Choose the Best Automatic Cat Feeder?

Keeping cats healthy and safe by feeding them well is the goal of every cat owner. They feel proud to consider the lovable feline part of the family. The well-being of cats or any other pet depends on feeding them with the proper nutritious and balanced food in the correct quantity. Therefore, the way of serving foods to cats is an important factor as it ensures adequate consumption so that cats receive proper nutrition. For serving foods to cats in an attractive man by maintaining the proper feeding schedule, you must choose a smart cat feeder, preferably an automatic cat food dispenser that does the job easier for you.

Different types of automatic cat feeders are available in the market, and knowing the proper selection technique should help you get one that is most suitable for your purpose.  Here are the features to focus upon.

Feeding mechanism

Automatic car feeders have different operating mechanisms like feeders with mechanical timers, digital timers, and Wi-Fi-controlled feeders. Those who follow a fixed feeding schedule can use feeders with automatic timers that operate according to the time set by users but do not allow changing the time. To meet the flexible feeding requirement that requires changing the feeding time, it is better to use an automatic feeder with a digital timer. Users can customize the feeding schedule according to the changing needs depending on cats’ feeding patterns and feeding habits. A more sophisticated version of automatic cat feeders is those with Wi-Fi Control that you can operate remotely. An app installed on the mobile phone helps to control the operations of the feeder.

Food type and portion

The type of food influences the choice of the automatic feeder because all kinds of feeders are not suitable for all sorts of foods.  Dry cat food is ideal for most cat feeders as it does not stick to the food tray and is easy to clean. The size of the dispenser tray is another important consideration because it must be suitable for accommodating the portion size that you usually feed your cat with. Choose a feeder that accommodates a slightly larger portion size so that it remains useful even if the cat’s appetite increases.

 With or without camera

Some automatic cat feeders come with an in-built camera that allows you to see remotely how the cat behaves while using the device and whether it is comfortable with it, as you can monitor the cat round the clock even when you are away from home.  However, this type of feeder is more expensive, and often the camera might not be much essential for you.

With or without an audio system

Like the cameras, some automatic feeders have an audio system consisting of a microphone and a speaker fitted to it for speaking and listening so that you can communicate with the cat when it is moving around nearby the feeder.  In certain situations, such a feeder can be handy.

Consider the quality of the cat feeder so that it justifies the price.

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