Donn Sirah

Artist: Donn Sirrah – American rapper, songwriter, actor, singer and entrepreneur

“Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved”.  William Jennings Bryan

A true reflection of hard work, passion, consistency, and aiming to hit high is Donn Sirrah. A young American rapper, song writer, actor, singer and an innovative entrepreneur, who has passion and deep love for music and believes in making a dent in the world through his creative music. 

Every year hundreds of thousands of people in the US try their luck in the music industry but aren’t able to leave an impression on even a small scale. But there is a name, Donn Sirrah, from Detroit, Michigan. A young talented guy who wants to become a worldwide known artist and bring positive change through his work. Sonically inspired by Drake, Jaden Smith, Ed Sheeran, and Lil Uzi Vert (just to name a few), he’s sure to get it done. 

From childhood he’s had the innate ability to create music and maneuver his way around instruments. In elementary school he began playing the trumpet in his 5th grade band and in high school he picked up the viola. Though he played many other instruments guitar was the instrument he loved the most.

Donn started gaining traction after his piece “Take My Luv” was released. The song has been welcomed and praised by youngsters all over the America and outside of the USA as well.

The journey has just begun and every song makes made him more creative. His music, lyrics, mix-engineering skills and his melodic voice and raps, create magic on every track. His tracks show massive improvement every new release, which you can feel on his latest song “Demon” released in March 2021.

Demon is a song full of emotions and deep connection. Listeners loved his lyrics, passionate voice, flow and especially the dance moves in the music video. He danced in the snow, right next to the icon GM building in Detroit. Such a unique display of his creativity and passion it was. His video concept has been praised a lot and to add to that, it was solely directed and conceptualized by Donn Sirrah and his cousin @itsviewtifulbaby. It proves his talent and creativity outpours through his music and his visuals.

“Demon” starts with a deep soul feeling. It takes dance beats from the beginning, which sets the tempo and style, and continuously throughout the song, gives listeners a deep emotional attachment and his lyrics give you a deep sense of mood and groove. People love “Demon” so no matter in which mood you are, what language you speak, just turn up the song and you’re guaranteed to flow with the emotions and move with the beat.

I must say in a very short period of time and young age, Donn Sirrah has created such inspiring and talented work. In the near future, he is sure to have the privilege to work with many famous names in the industry and he will become a worldwide known star.

To know more about his upcoming ventures, tracks, and upcoming performances, be sure to check out his social media handles and enjoy the music!


Instagram: @lightskinlovin

Twitter: @DonnSirrah

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