10 Eco-Friendly Products for Your Pets

If you have a pet, you probably want to do everything you can to make your fur baby healthy and comfortable. Thus, more than ever, pet owners are seeking products that are not only good for our planet, but durable, affordable, and safe. Whether you’re a pro at low-impact living or just starting out on your eco-conscious journey, these products and ideas are right up your alley.

Sustainable Products:

  • If you haven’t triedeco-friendly dog poop bags you’re missing out!They are a super simple way to reduce your carbon footprint. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they are also extremelystrong, leak proof, and unscented. While most synthetic plastics take several hundred years to decompose, these take a fraction of the time and there is no ecological harm during the process.
  • Replace your standard clay-based kitty litter for sawdust or wheat-based litter instead. These materials decompose and are much easier on your feline’s respiratory system.
  • Carriers and crates made of recyclable plastic or biodegradable materials. Specifically, non-toxic materials that keep your pet safe if they decide to use it as a chew toy.
  • If your pet has sensitive skin, hemp leashes, collars, and clothing are your go to. Hemp is a renewable resource and has very few irritants within the fabric as it is anti-bacterial by nature.
  • Keep your pet safe and lawn beautiful by switching to pet-safe organic lawn fertilizers. Organic fertilizer slowly adds nutrients to the soil and reduces any need for pesticides.
  • Training a new puppy or keeping an old friend comfy?Reusable pee pads are the way to go. They are washable, economical, and won’t damage your floors.
  • Certified organic foods and treats.Fewer processed foodsequalfewer resources used to manufacturer it.You can lower your pet’s carbon pawprint even more with homemade food using whole ingredients.
  • Organicnatural shampoo and soap bars that produce zero waste. So good for shiny coats and delicate skin!
  • Bully sticks are an all-natural dog treat your pet won’t be able to get enough of. Unlike other chemically treated snacks that promote bacteria growth, bully sticks are hygienic and long-lasting.
  • Toys that are made with hemp or bamboo. Hemp is extremely heavy duty while bamboo is smooth and soft. Both materials are extremely sustainable. While these may cost a bit more than your average plastic toy, they are built to last and are worth the investment.

Does Going GreenReally Benefit Your Pet?

In short, absolutely!

-Organic foods provide your pet with more energy, cleaner coats, and fewer symptoms of chronic disease.

-Natural materials used for pet beds, crates, and toys cultivate less pesticides.

-Biodegradable plastics take less energy to make and have a significant reduction in carbon emissions during the manufacturing process.

As pet parents, we have a responsibility to provide our furryfriends with a happy and healthy lifestyle. Mother Earth deserves a bright future just as much asyour best fur friend deserves a bright present. Sustainable, ethically produced, and high-quality products benefit everyone! 

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