Canada’s Surprise Time Travel Drama ‘Being Erica’

Right now, I’m watching a lot of hockey and listening to the Canadian comedy podcast Stop Podcasting Yourself pretty extensively. That puts me in a Canadian type of mood. In honor of our neighbors to the north, I wanted to write about a Canadian show I never saw, but definitely was aware of. Also, I was baffled when I realized what it really was. That show is Being Erica.

If you have no clue about this show, I don’t blame you. It didn’t make its way into the United States. I know about it because I lived in Michigan when Being Erica aired and I would watch hockey on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. As such, I would see Canadian ads most Americans never got a chance to. Canada produces its own television. I know this because I once pitched a show to the CBC and they liked it but then told me they couldn’t produce it when they found out I wasn’t Canadian. One of those shows was Being Erica.

I remember Being Erica extensively being promoted during hockey. I feel like CBC has like three original shows at any given time. A lot of American programming makes it north of the border. Being Erica aired four seasons and 49 episodes between 2009 and 2011. That coincided with me still being in Michigan and still having CBC. Being Erica was right up there with Little Mosque on the Prairie in terms of promotion.

Being Erica seemed generic. The commercials never seemed to go into what the show was. I don’t remember when I found out the plot, but it genuinely threw me through a loop. Erica time travels! Seriously! This show that just seemed to me to be about some woman living her life was actually about time travel.

Being Erica" The Rabbit Hole (TV Episode 2010) - IMDb

Specifically, Erica meets a mysterious doctor who offers to serve as her therapist. Dr. Tom isn’t just a therapist. He actually sends her back in time to fix her problems. When I found this out, it was baffling. Nothing in the ads indicated that Erica time traveled! It was a supernatural drama. Apparently one with a ton of product placement. Hey, anything to boost the budget for a CBC show.

Part of me is curious about what it would be like to watch Being Erica. Part of me wants to leave it a magical mystery. For 49 episodes, CBC aired a procedural show about a woman time traveling to fix her life. They advertised it during Hockey Night in Canada constantly. They never mentioned the time travel part. How very strange. Oh, and her name was Erica Strange, by the way. Had I known that, I bet I would have figured something was up.

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