10 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Bathroom remodeling is a major undertaking. With so many tasks to handle, so many options in front of you and all of this that needs to be done on a budget, it’s quite easy to make a mistake. Sometimes, this mistake comes in the form of an unnecessary request. At other times, it’s about underestimating the importance of functionality in favor of aestheticism. Fortunately, by doing some research on the subject matter, you will have an easy time recognizing these mistakes early on and avoiding them altogether.

1.      Miscalculations regarding the doors

When it comes to changing the doors on your bathroom, you need to make sure that their maintenance is as simple as it gets. This area is humid and steamy, which means that the surface of the doors will have to be cleaned much more often. This is especially true if it’s the glass door that we’re talking about. Moreover, it’s not just about the doors but also about other items, in relation to the doors. Namely, you need to make sure that your doors can be fully opened and that there are no obstructions in the way.

Solution: Quality doors can significantly reduce the amount of effort that will go into bathroom maintenance.

2.      Changing the layout

Deciding to change the layout is almost always a remodeling mistake. Why? Well, because it will require incredibly expensive and extensive work. According to a veteran Canberra plumber, even if you’re 100% sure that this is what you want, it’s always smart to have a professional take a look at it. Ask for a quote and see just how expensive this project is going to be. It is often quite hard to figure out whether the end result is going to be worth it, so try to find a 3D modeling project in order to help you visualize this change. Just remember, changing the layout is always a last resort.

Solution: Replace fixtures and upgrade surfaces instead, only go for a layout change as the last resort.

3.      Getting the wrong shower screen

Getting a shower screen based on its appearance only is a potentially risky purchase. Instead, there are several criteria that you need to consult and consider. First, you need to consider the size and space you’ll need. This will determine the cost of the screen. Second, when going for glass, make sure that it’s high-quality. This will also make it much easier to maintain. Other than this, you could also consider a shower curtain as an alternative. Curtains can be installed without having to drill walls and they can be fitted to any bathroom or shower.

Solution: Either be extra careful with your choice of a shower screen or simply go for a shower curtain instead.

4.      Picking a bad flooring option

Choosing the right flooring option for a bathroom can be quite problematic. On the one hand, you’re looking for something highly aesthetic but you also want something resistant to water damage. So, options like bamboo and hardwood usually end up being a mistake. The best option is probably ceramic tiling, marble, stone or even concrete. Installing hardwood flooring is still a good idea for other areas in your home.

The biggest problem with these water-resistant bathroom flooring options is the fact that they’re cold. This can be solved with some floor mats and bathroom rugs. On top of it all, vinyl can be a cost-efficient solution for your bathroom flooring problems.

Solution: When choosing bathroom flooring, always look for something water-resistant and maintenance-friendly.

5.      Missing discounts

Once you finish with your budgeting, it’s incredibly important that you shop around. One of the biggest problems with renovation lies in the fact that it’s usually on short notice. You decide to do remodeling, you do a budget and you schedule a renovation. However, what if you had enough time to plan it all out? What if you schedule it today for this time next year? Not only would this give you enough time to plan it all out and raise considerably higher funds but it would also allow you to hunt for discounts.

Solution: Starting your planning process early on will give you much more maneuvering space. This will result in a greater success of this remodeling.

6.      Delivery time and checking orders

If you’re ordering an item from afar in order to save money (or find a unique part that is unavailable on a local market), it’s important that you make sure that delivery time is not a problem. You don’t want the item being late, especially if this means postponing the works. Another problem that is likely to occur is that a vital part is missing from the delivered box. The only way to notice this is to check everything as soon as it arrives. Even then, you need to make a complaint right away and wait for the reimbursement/replacement.

Solution: Be extra careful when inspecting and ordering from an unknown vendor. Moreover, it’s vital that you don’t do things at the last minute.

7.      Privacy

Privacy in your bathroom is paramount, yet, some people are so caught up with the aesthetics that they completely forget about it. First of all, if your bathroom is on the ground floor, you need to have a small bathroom window, regardless of how much you would like to have more natural light. Second, even though transparent doors seem like a great plan, from the standpoint of privacy, they’re not as good of an idea. if you do have them, at least go for a non-transparent shower screen or a shower curtain.

Solution: Your bathroom is your private oasis and, as such, it needs to be shielded from the eye of the public.

8.      Ignoring wall space

If you’re planning to change the layout of the place, expand the room or make a completely new bathroom in your home, you can’t risk making a miscalculation during the measuring stage. For starters, people are known to ignore the wall space. The thickness of the wall can be used to your advantage, seeing as how you can make niches that will serve as additional storage. When adding a new appliance or fixture, make sure to calculate some extra space around it. Sure, you want it to fit but you also want to have some maneuvering space in your bathroom.

Solution: In order not to make a grievous mistake, try to underestimate the amount of free space that you have in your bathroom.

9.      Not enough storage and counter space

The biggest mistake that people make when planning and constructing bathrooms is leaving too little space. Sure, the bathroom is probably the smallest room in the house, however, it still needs to be big enough to be fully functional. This is why any remodeling plan needs to start by accounting for storage space. Keep in mind that a bathroom is a place where you do your entire beauty routine. This is why you need to have enough counter space to display all your requisites and have them at an arm’s length.

Solution: When planning, make sure to roleplay your beauty routine and make sure that you can display everything you need on your counters.

10. Ignoring heating

Previously, we’ve mentioned the fact that your flooring option may be cold, however, cold is generally a problem in the bathroom. If your heating system is sub-par or the home is poorly isolated, your bathroom might be quite uncomfortable to be in. This is why you need to figure out the best way to handle this situation. One of the ways to raise the temperature of the floor and the temperature in the room, in general, is to go for underfloor heating. Aside from being quite efficient, this is also a great space-saving solution for you.

Solution: The heating of your home is a problem that is best solved with underfloor heating.

In conclusion

All of the above-listed mistakes are major, which is why they would cause you major damage, financial loss or long-term difficulties in the bathroom area. Sure, minor mistakes can happen at any time and there’s no way to make your remodeling project completely fool-proof. The best you can do is keep all your plans and ambitions in check. What matters the most is that you’re happy with the end result and that it all fits the time frame of the project, as well as your budget.

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