Uncover the Joy of Princess Yachts in Malaysia

Malaysia’s immense coastline has made it a top destination for pleasure boaters and boating enthusiasts from all over the world. From the shores of the Southeast Asian nation, boaters are able to cruise to nearby islands or make expeditions to neighboring countries. While boats and yachts of all sizes come to Malaysia for a trip out to sea, the best way to experience boating in Malaysia is in a Princess Yacht.

Princess Yachts in Malaysia are the kings of the seas. From the flybridge of your luxury watercraft, you’ll feel a sense of freedom and command of the ocean before you. From the endless sea on the west coast to the archipelagic east coast, there is plenty to explore while on a Princess Yacht in Malaysia.

If you are interested in either pleasure boating and cruising in Malaysia, or Princess yachts, learn more by reading ahead.

Princess Yachts

Princess Yachts is a world-renowned manufacturer of luxury yachts and superyachts. They are synonymous with luxury and precise engineering. To own a Princess Yacht is a dream for many boat enthusiasts and yacht owners.

There are six different classes of Princess Yacht. The X, Y, F, S, V, and R classes. These range from large pleasure cruising yachts to elite racing boats. All princess yachts are made with expert and time-honored British engineering.

Perhaps the most exciting new addition to Princess Yachts’ fleet is its X 95. The X 95 reimagines luxury yacht design and maximizes its large space tremendously. Despite its size, the X 95 beautifully maneuvers around waves and shallow waters, making it great for weekend expeditions or long stays at sea.

Discover Malaysia and Beyond

If you are fortunate enough to have a Princess Yacht in Malaysia, you have access to some of the best boating and island touring in all of Southeast Asia. 

By launching from Penang Island in northwestern Malaysia, you’ll be able to visit Malaysia’s famous island of Langkawi. White sand beaches and beautiful rock formations highlight this tropical paradise. 

Further north, you can enter Thailand and island-hop around the many islands that lay in Phang Nga bay. Famous tourist destinations such as Koh Phi Phi and Phuket are top-tier places to visit. 

In Phuket, you can dock at one of the many high-end marinas and have your boat serviced and cleaned while you and your party explore the island. Phuket is known for its nightlife and as a destination to rest and unwind.

From the east side of Malaysia, it’s easy to get to the Tioman Islands for a spell at a pristine, untouched beach. Further along, the Riau Islands offer a slice of Indonesian island life that is more laid back than Bali.

The waters and islands of Malaysia can also be visited from Singapore, which is another country known for pleasure boating and yachting. Head to any of the docks on Sentosa Island, and you’ll be sure to see a few Princess Yachts. 

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