The Most Unique Backpacks to Find Online

There are often times that we all wish we had more hands. It seems like we can never carry everything that we need to make it through our day-to-day activities. Many of us carry bags but they are constantly falling off our shoulders or getting in our way as we try to do things. There has to be a better solution.

Time To Try A Backpack

Suddenly backpacks have grown in popularity and are no longer only used by backpackers and school children. The reason is it is the perfect solution for being able to carry everything you need but still have complete use of your body. You can move in any direction without fearing that you will drop or dump out your bag. 

Top 5 Best Places To Purchase Backpacks This Year

Check out these stores to find the perfect backpack for you…

  1.  Brevite (Best Overall)

This Company knows how to create a stylish and functional backpack.

They offer several designs and even feature a line that is specially designed for photographers. If you want the best backpack to fit your day-to-day needs then you will want to make sure to purchase one of Brevite’s many multi-functional bookbags.

They offer a wide selection of colors and designs. They also only use quality materials when creating their backpacks so you can be confident that their bags will stand up to all the abuse they will go through daily. 

  1. BAGGU (Best Purse Substitute)

This company is a good choice if you only want a bookbag to use in place of your purse. They offer a large variety of style choices. Their bags, however, will not withstand as much wear and tear as some of the others companies’ bags might. BAGGU offers a great selection of bags, as long as you only plan to use them lightly. 

  1. Backcountry (Best For Hiking & Camping)

If you are looking for a large backpack that will work when you are going on long hikes and overnights, Backcountry has a great selection of lightweight backpacking options. An experienced backpacker knows that every ounce counts when you are backpacking and you do not want any unneeded weight. 

  1. Hot Topic (Best for Quirky & Unique Designs

This is the best store to check in person or online if you are looking for an out-of-the-box design. You will not find any options here that will be appropriate for outdoor adventures, but you will find quality backpacks that can be used as day-to-day purses or used to carry around school books. 

  1. Skip*Hop (Best for Small Children)

This is a great company to look at if you are wanting to pick a backpack out for a small child. Maybe you have a 3 or 4-year-old about to start daycare or pre-k and need a backpack they can carry to hold a few of their necessities. Skip*Hop offers an awesome selection of small backpacks that both you and your little one will love. 

Get The Best Backpack for Every Situation

It is time for you to join the backpack craze. Remember to choose the bag that will fit all your needs. You also want to make sure that the bag you choose is durable and will be able to stand up to all the abuse that you put it through daily. 

It will be a waste of money if your bag only lasts you a short while. This is why it is important to let quality factor into your decision do not just buy the bookbag you think looks the best. Once you find the perfect balance between the 2 you will never want to stop using your new backpack. 

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