Back to School: 9 cool gadgets for students of all ages

Gadgets and backpacks from this collection will help you make your training more successful and fun, as well as essay assistant.

1. Bobby Backpack

When one laptop is not enough, you will need a bigger bag. A great solution is a backpack with protection from pickpockets Bobby. It will fit a laptop, tablet, camera, water bottle, textbooks, and notebooks.

Thanks to the reinforced compartments with retainers, expensive gadgets will survive shaking and falling, and a multi-stage protection system will protect them from theft. The main zipper of the Bobby is covered with a curving fold of fabric: it is simply impossible to get into it without the wearer’s knowledge. The use of anti-cutting materials finally eliminates the possibility of theft of the contents of the backpack.

2. DJI Spark Quadcopter

The question of purchasing a drone for a child can cause a skeptical laugh from many adults, but not so long ago, a similar reaction was met by a request from a child to “buy a computer for studying”. Drones are used in many areas of production, so having the skills to control a drone can soon be compared to the ability to drive a car. A great option is the mini-quadcopter DJI Spark, which I do not want to call a toy.

The compact gadget will teach you the basics of piloting, introduce you to the process of aerial photography and give you a lot of fun hours. The quadrocopter from the market leader — the Chinese company DJI-is equipped with high-tech stuffing: a 12-megapixel camera with a two-axis stabilizer, an obstacle avoidance system, a GPS module, and a battery that lasts for 15 minutes of flight.

3. Smart audio speaker Divoom Timebox

The Divoom Timebox combines the functions of a speaker, alarm clock, air quality analyzer, and even a toy. The gadget is equipped with a mosaic display of 121 LED pixels, which form a color image. The screen also displays useful information: time, air temperature, alerts from social media, notifications about missed messages, and calls.

As an alarm clock, the Timebox works in smart mode: gradually increases the volume and brightness of the LEDs to simplify the morning wake-up. The speaker can also help you fall asleep by playing soothing sounds and gently glowing. If you want to teach your child to sleep properly, then Timebox is a great helper. It is way easier to concentrate on English homework help when a student got enough sleep.

4. Pudding S Robot

Pudding S robot companion is a small electronic friend for children from three years old and older. It understands natural speech and answers the child’s questions, sings songs, and tells fairy tales. It will give her little owner knowledge of mathematics, zoology, and geography, and will also allow you to make a video call to the parent’s smartphone (the image will be visible only on a mobile device).

The robot teaches the child to be more organized, so it is especially suitable for a first-grader. The battery charge of the device is enough for six hours of active work.

5. UBTECH Jimu Karbot

The UBTECH Jimu Karbot robot constructor is a real geek’s dream of any age. From a variety of parts, you can assemble three car models and program them to move along the route planned on your smartphone. The kit comes with 293 parts, as well as an infrared sensor, a battery, a Bluetooth module, and three servo motors.

The designer will help you develop your child’s mental and motor skills, and if you want your child to become an engineer or programmer, Jimu Karbot can easily arouse his interest in applied sciences.

6. Thule Crossover TCBP-417 Backpack

Thule Crossover is a great backpack for those who have to carry a lot with them. The volume of 32 liters provides the necessary space for laptops, tablets, textbooks, cameras, and even a change of shoes.

In addition to roominess, the Thule Crossover has all the possible qualities of a proper backpack: convenient pockets, stylish design, reliable zippers, and high-quality materials designed.

7. Hiper BS10000 portable battery pack

Any discharged gadget is useless, so many of us have already got into the habit of carrying a portable battery in a backpack. If you want to purchase your first, new, or additional external battery, pay attention to the Hiper BS10000.

Its volume of 10,000 mAh is enough to save your gadgets from premature discharge, and the weight with an impressive battery capacity is only 232 grams. There is a charge indicator and a flashlight. Works with everything that is charged via USB.

8. LEGO Mindstorms EV3

LEGO Mindstorms is all cubes, motors, and sensors in one box. From them, several robot models are assembled, which are then programmed to perform various tasks.

The smallest ones are unlikely to cope with LEGO Mindstorms, but older children, students, and even adults will definitely love the educational constructor. Working (it’s hard to call it a game) with LEGO Mindstorms mechanisms will teach you the basics of sensors and servomotors and give you general ideas about robotics and electronics.

The EV3 kit includes a bunch of sensors and motors, as well as 528 building elements from the LEGO Technic kit.

9. Tiger 3D Round One 

3D pens are popular with everyone who has tried to draw with them-from children to designers. Probably the child will not want to return to traditional markers at all, having experienced Tiger 3D Round One in action.

This 3D pen is a great starting device for learning the technique of writing through the air. It works with ABS and PLA plastic, its nozzle cools down quickly, and the case fits comfortably in your hand.

Shahbaz Ahmed
Author: Shahbaz Ahmed

My name is Shahbaz Ahmed. I am author on Ventsmagazine. For any business query, you can contact me at [email protected]

About Shahbaz Ahmed

My name is Shahbaz Ahmed. I am author on Ventsmagazine. For any business query, you can contact me at [email protected]

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