5 Comfy Loungewear Items for Women

Over the past year, we have all developed a much closer relationship with our loungewear. Many of us have switched our wardrobe over entirely to our favorite sweatpants. Real bras have become a thing of the past. Real pants? We’re done with them.

But to embrace this new ultra-casual lifestyle, some of us need to grow our collection of loungewear. With all of the leggings and hoodies out there, how can you know which comfy clothing items are perfect for you?

Here is the definitive list of the top five comfy loungewear items for all the ladies out there.

1. Booty Shorts

Sometimes you just have to let your leggies breathe. Especially in the hotter months, you need to wear some lightweight, breathable shorts. And if you’re in the South, maybe Texas in August? You want to wear as little clothing as possible.

Not only are they comfortable, but a nice pair of booty shorts for women can make you feel straight-up sexy. Nothing is hotter than Showing some extra leg at a summer concert or just lounging around the house on a Sunday afternoon.

2. Bralettes

Remember that time when we all felt the need to wear bras? Seems like it was years ago.

Many of us have embraced a completely bra-free lifestyle, opting for a freer feeling when going about day-to-day life. 

For some of us, we aren’t quite comfy enough to go braless. Some of us may also experience back pain if we’re on the larger side up top and need some form of support to prevent that aching back.

Whether you’re in need of support or want to take a baby step in the transition to a braless life. If you fall into one of these categories, swap out your padded underwire for a lightweight, comfy bralette. 

3. Joggers

There is nothing quite as comfortable as our favorite pair of sweatpants. They have that elastic waistband, a baggy fit, and are made out of only the comfiest fabric. They also come in many different style options.

For a take on sweatpants that offers a slightly more put-together look, opt for a pair of nice-looking joggers. They’re available in all of the same fabrics and colors as your other sweatpants, but with a tapered leg that’s tighter around your ankles.

This more tailored look offers a “fancy” take on traditional sweats.

4. Soft T-Shirt

Do you know that favorite t-shirt that was surprisingly high-quality that you got from a blood drive or some random fraternity event? Why not step it up a level and get one of those in a solid color or nice pattern?

A soft, flowy t-shirt that hangs just right off of your body can make you feel like a rockstar and keep you comfortable and chilling.

If you find one that you absolutely love, go ahead and get yourself one in a few different colors. 

5. Sweatshirt

If you spend a lot of time indoors in the air conditioning, go ahead and get a comfy sweatshirt.

A long-trusted staple of women’s loungewear since the dawn of time, the versatile sweatshirt comes in many different styles and fabrics. Get one repping your favorite sports team or a designer one for those fancy lounging sessions. 

The right sweatshirt can make you feel very put-together and comfy, whether you’re Netflix and chilling or out to a casual bar with friends.

Loungewear is King

We all love to be comfortable, so why not embrace it by getting ourselves some high-quality loungewear? Step up your casual dressing game by picking up some new favorites to add to your loungewear collection.

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