Skindinavia Explains the Best Setting Spray for Summer Heat

Whether you are going all glam for a party or subtle for a zoom meeting, make-up is the key to face the world with confidence. Sometimes summer heat or oily skin can be the biggest challenge to look your best. The simple way to ensure the primer, foundation, highlighter, or perfectly winged liner stays flawless is to apply a good setting spray. It works like a hair spray that you use to keep your updo in place. While there are many make-up setting sprays available in the market, only a few live up to the promises they make. Skindinavia has launched a life-changing setting spray for glam girls and professionals. The scientific formula keeps the skin cooler than the surrounding air to help the make-up last all day.

Skindinavia is a private label brand for professional make-up artists. The brand also supports professional makeup artist unions and education groups through sponsor programs. Skindinavia has been serving the professional make-up industry for more than 15 years. The modern setting/ finishing spray is a wonderful invention that has brought a revolution in the professional make-up industry. With this scientific formula, Skindinavia owns the patent on the cooling technology. It allows the makeup to last for more than 16 hours in official testing.  

Skindinavia setting spray has already made its way as a preferred choice for make-up artists on Broadway and Hollywood sets. The innovative cooling technology of the spray earned Skindinavia the opportunity to manufacture setting spray for top brands such as Urban Decay and Mary Kay. The finishing spray is based on a scientific formula that keeps the skin cool preventing sweat from ruining the make-up. The spray creates a thin layer of protection between the makeup and external moisture including sweat. It also allows the skin to breathe preventing breakouts and rashes.

Besides the revolutionary setting spray, Skindinavia has also created a spray-on makeup primer based on the same cooling technology. The prime acts as a thin, light base for makeup giving a natural look. It allows the skin to breathe under the makeup and also keeps it cooler than the surrounding temperature.

To complete their exclusive range, Skindinavia also launched a makeup remover spray that works better than makeup wipes. It is an eco-friendly way to clean up any trace of makeup. The spray is made from 100 natural and active ingredients. It doesn’t contain any filler such as water.

Realizing the need of the hour in this pandemic situation, Skindinavia introduced a revolutionary product ‘Maskne Control Spray’. It is a special formula to address the problem that arose from wearing masks for a longer period. Maskne Control Spray helps to heal conditions that lead to mask-related skin irritations and breakouts.

Skindinavia is a professional brand catering to the needs of professional makeup artists and also makeup enthusiasts. The brand strives to support creative artists and that’s why they decided to sell their products online and in small boutique stores only. This will help them reach their target customers in the professional makeup industry.

Skindinavia has grown exponentially in recent years. All the products are quality tested in America and are cruelty-free. The brand feels that all its products solve a real problem in the best possible way and this has been a big reason for its rising popularity.

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