How a Team of Creative Minds Bring Excitement to the Young Writers

 “To get the most out of your life, plant in your mind seeds of constructive power that will yield fruitful results” – Grenville Kleiser

Since the pandemic pushed everyone indoors, with a bleak future in sight and no immediate way out, fear and uncertainty sweep through minds. Stress is a normal response pattern to a perceived or real threat. Our body though well equipped to deal with it in short term breaks down due to prolonged exposure. With hampered coping resources, the distress manifests itself in the forms of mental health problems. Anxiety, depressive disorder, substance abuse, and suicide ideations are manifesting themselves in the lives of young adults more than average as they are forced into isolation and witness the loss of their normal.

In a time when the world has come to an abrupt stop, it is up to us to be kind to ourselves. And what better way to uncage our hearts than pouring the trapped feelings and worries of your heart in form of words? After all, words have the power to set one free and impact us as much as it has the power to impact the world. To hold a pen in your hand makes one realise words can move mountains just as easily as they can move hearts.

In the mundane life that has forced the world into a cage, creative writing not just brings joy and hope but breathes life in the dull world and harnesses the power of changing the despondent heart into one filled with glee. As the mind broadens, creative writing helps regain control over one’s thoughts. Organize them, enrich them, and explore the hidden facets of life.

Realizing the need of the hour Monomousumi has come up with various innovative opportunities and writing contests of international level for the youngsters through which they can showcase their creative talents.  for It is a platform to embrace the power of the pen and take more than just a rewarding experience.  Ever since its inception in May 2018, Monomousumi has provided young and talented minds a platform to showcase their writing skills in the International Monthly Essay Writing Contest. With a carefully chosen educational topic given once a month, Monomousumi encourages participants to develop not only the skills of penning down their thoughts but also creativity, research, and organization skills. According to the Founder, Monomousumi, Mousumi Kundu, We believe in the enrichment of society by empowering young individuals with constructive thinking for creating positive ambience for the overall societal growth.

With Creative Writing Competition, Most Popular Article Award, Star Presenter Award, the non-commercial platform runs various contests all year round to promote young writers through their platform. For every diligent effort, Monomousumi awards every participant a certificate, and winners are presented with rewarding prizes and opportunities   With the authorship and copyright intact to the writer, it also offers the opportunity to contribute to their monthly magazine, Weaver. One of the biggest perks of participating in writing contests with Monomousumi is free book publishing opportunity to the winner. Winners from around the globe have found their books on the e-shelves of leading platforms like Amazon Kindle. Three books, That night, The Unknown and Art of Hindustan written by Zunaira Waheed, Aprajita Nanchahal and Kayalvizhi Saravanaselvam, respectively are the recently published books for the young writers of 14 years old who won the creative writing contest. These books are already attracting the attentions of the readers around the world. 

Author Bio: Disha Walia is a writer & editor.  

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