Speed Keto - Laura Diaz

How Speed Keto Had a Great Impact on My Life! – Laura Diaz

Laura Diaz shares her story of what changes she’d notice soon after starting with the Speed Keto diet plan. She describes the positive health benefits she reaped, how she had started to feel better, how it had impacted not only her life, but the lives of her family and how she had adopted Speed Keto as her new lifestyle.

In addition to this, she shares her delight of knowing the fact that counting calories was not part of the Speed Keto diet plan.

What kind of changes have you noticed since starting Speed Keto?

Speed keto is absolutely amazing, the first changes I noticed were rapid weight loss, no more inflammation, more energy, my skin started to clear out,I even went down on my shoe size. My clothes went from XL to S. The changes that happened in just one month were extraordinary. I followed the program as it is, this program heals your body and soul and I highly recommend it if you want to live a better quality life.

How did you feel about Speed Keto? Better, worse, the same? Did you notice any positive health benefits?

I feel amazing, when working out I’m full of energy, free of pain, and I have become a more positive person overall. Speed keto has a positive impact on how I feel, my sugar levels balanced out, I’m not borderline diabetic anymore, and my cholesterol levels improved as well. Speed keto is definitely a life changing program.

Were you excited to learn that macro and calorie counting was not required to lose weight on Keto?

Yes, very excited about the fact of not having to count calories, and being able to enjoy my meals already portioned out. It was an easy way to lose weight.

As a parent how has your successful speed keto journey improved your family life?

My family and I learned a new way of how to go grocery shopping and how to cook delicious meals that we could enjoy. My son actually told his friends about what I had been doing and showed them pictures of me before and after and he’s very proud of how far I’ve come. My mom and sisters got inspired as well and started following the way I eat and started fasting as well. It’s really rewarding being able to inspire others.

How long did it take for Speed Keto to start working for you?

This program is amazing as it started working in just a week! My pants and clothes were literally falling off the first week! The best part is that all the weight I lost was proportional from head to toes. Spectacular!

Are you planning to continue or follow Speed Keto again in the near future? (Why or Why not?)

Yes, definitely. I do a round of speed keto every three months followed by other speed keto programs. It’s become a lifestyle for me. I do different programs to maintain my weight, Speed Keto carnivore, Speed Keto RFL , Speed Keto on a budget and so on. All these programs help me in maintaining my current figure.

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