VICIOUS J takes over Apple Music with Pressure powered by RADIOPUSHERS

The definition of ‘Pressure’ is grammatically defined as the feeling of stressful urgency caused by the necessity of doing or achieving something, especially with limited time. In 2020, everyone throughout the world was highly stressed, confused, mentally exhausted, racially divided, and financially vexed. Americans of all races and ethnicities struggle to find balance and strength during the pandemic. People painfully adjusted to the ‘shelter in place’ government order. 

Quarantine life isn’t for everyone, and this process pushed people’s mental discipline to unknown boundaries. The most powerful and most prosperous country had millions of people eating at food banks, sleeping in their vehicles, and leveraging everything they owned for money during the pandemic. Survival in 2020 was redefined, and people’s lives were forever changed via COVID-19.   

Entrepreneur/Major Recording Artist VICIOUS J narrates the perfect storm and delivers a lyrical blueprint for pushing through pain. VICIOUS J’s latest commercial release, ‘Pressure,’ speaks to the hearts and souls of Texans. Texas was hit hard by COVID, and the entire state suffered massive losses. 

VICIOUS J’s record ‘Pressure’ echoes people’s pain, fear, and ambition to fight for another day. VICIOUS J possesses a rare ability to transform inner visions into lyrics of aspiration and inspiration visually. VICIOUS J is an epic Hip-Hop storyteller, and his words are timeless. VICIOUS J understands how to manage ‘PRESSURE’ in 2021.  

Every day he navigates the cold streets of Texas and feeds the streets with jewels of musical promise. VICIOUS J has an angel of light guided his path to destiny. Varneisha Gant is VICIOUS J’s baby sister, and she died tragically in 2017. VICIOUS J invisible ‘PRESSURE’ ensures he makes Varneisha Gant proud and secures his Hip-Hop legacy. Vicious J is CEO of Tru Legacy Entertainment and a Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS.  

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