KingAudi Drops New Hot Single “2 AM”

KingAudi just dropped a new song labeled “2 AM.” The music video for this hit single was produced by J11, setting the artist’s creation apart from the crowds. After hit tracks such as “Save Her,” KingAudi is back and better. He masterfully displays his vocals over a simple spread of soundscape, perfectly highlighting his flow.

After launching his debut in the music industry back in 2020, the artist has surely paved the way for his success. “2 AM” is just another hit for the artist’s rap sheet, as he dazzles fans with sick lyrics and hypnotizing beats. The song features 2 choruses, a verse, and an interlude, making it the perfect combination for a hit. His sultry vocals and mesmerizing lyrics make for a catchy tune and a definite theme for midnight car rides.

Dissimilar to his music production, KingAudi is a fan of classical music such as Mozart and Beethoven. The San Diego artist is currently on a new album and expresses his feelings through the atmosphere, lyrics, and mood he creates.

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