Why all online casinos reward slots free spins?

It can seem to sum like such a puzzle that all online casinos offer players free spins on online slots almost constantly. The confusing comes from the reasoning of why an online casino would reward so much money to players who may be doing fine just as they are.

We know, however, that a well-seasoned igaming such as yourself knows not to question the higher bodies but instead take their free spins to the slot machines, start spinning, and begin ripping off those pesky slot sites which so desperately want to take your cash.

If you would like to know a little more about why casino sites like to reward free slot spins then please read on as we have all the answers for you so that you can get back to those slot machines and start taking the cash straight from them!

What are the reasons for rewarding free slots spins on all online casinos?

All of them do it, and only a few know why. Is it because they want to be losing money? Is it because they have no idea what they are doing? Or is it that they are all just plain nice companies that want to reward their customers?

Check out the hot reasons that all online casinos might reward their players with free online slot spins:

·        It gets people playing – The main reason for these free spins rewards is because it gets players on the slot machines. If you are a stickler to the poker table and receive free spins then you are most likely going to play on the slots. If you are not playing and the site offers you some free spins then you are going to get playing!

·        People will hang around – Once people are hitting up the slots with their free spins, they are then more likely to stick around, following a couple of wins, meaning that the casino sites can reel in a few more bucks than you intended to give. Do not let them play you!

·        The casino sites make more on the slots – Slot machines are, pardon the pun, the most fruitful (to them) of all the casino games because of their high odds and fixed returns. This, accompanied by attractive lights and bonuses, lead players to stick around after those online casino free slot spins.

Should you take the free spins or not?

There are arguments on either side to be made, so, to make life easier for you we have condensed them in this simple format:

Take the free spinsDo not take the free spins
If you only play the free spins then you can just take the money and not loseThe free spins offered are only there to keep you on the slot machines
Slot games can be a lot of fun so if you control your spending you will be alrightSlot machines have worse odds than skill games like poker
You might enjoy your time on the slots as a change of scene!It is harder to leave the online slot than you think

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