What Services Does A Shipping Company Provide?

A shipping company is responsible for transferring the cargo, merchandise goods, and commodities from one place to another or from one region to another. These companies also keep together the whole supply chain.

Primarily, 3PL (3rd party logistics) connects manufacturers with their retailers or raw materials suppliers to the manufacturers. However, in the modern era, these shipping companies do more than just transferring goods.

So, if you are deciding upon getting aligned with a partnered shipping company, you must consider the shipping services that they provide for higher efficiency.

In this article, we have discussed the different services that a shipping company provides.

  1. On-Road Transportation

The transportation of goods and commodities taking place over the road is on-road transportation. These services are not only cost-effective but are also preferred suitable for short distances.

However, trucks are usually the transporting vehicle that carries all the goods to their destination.

  • Air Shipment

Airfreight delivery refers to transferring products through the air carrier, which could either be a commercial or a charter. Therefore, most of the shipping companies provide the service of air shipment. These services mainly occur when the goods are supposed to be delivered urgently to a distant location.

  • Ocean Shipment

Large containers are helpful for the freight in ocean shipment. Hence, the delivery takes place through ships, which may even take more days depending entirely on the destination.

Along with this, the freight forwarders and global shipping companies offer door-to-door services that include local delivery, customs duties, and clearance, etc.

  • Warehouse Fulfillment

Warehouse fulfillment is one of the primary services that a shipping company must provide. For this, the warehouse professionals are specially trained and equipped for performing various tasks like making optimal use of available space, managing inventories, maintaining the turnover rate of different customer items, picking and replenishing the products as per the requirements.

The goods are then arranged in other slots and await loading in vehicles for delivery.

  • Digital Warehousing

Today, the shipping companies use the e- management system, scanners, and electronic logging devices that are pretty helpful in recording the real-time, tracking the location of products, and ensuring that they are not damaged.

Moreover, the warehousing management system also works upon selecting slotting sites, identifying picking locations, maintaining FIFO control, etc.

  • Outbound Processes

Outbound logistics refers to the delivery of finished goods from the distribution center to the customers. Also, the order fulfillment includes picking, packaging, shipping, and delivering the package to its end-user.

  • Inbound Processes

Apart from the outbound logistics, a shipping company also does the inbound logistics. It includes delivering door-to-door services by charging some amount from the customers.

The Bottom Line

Apart from transferring the commodities to a destined destination, it is also necessary that the shipping companies provide other essential services like digital warehousing, outbound processing, and warehousing fulfillment, etc.

Moreover, you must rely on a reputed and trusted packing and shipping company for the orderly and safe transfer of the products or cargo.

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