Is using IMVU worth your time?

If you enjoy playing virtual games based on 3D avatars and need a private platform for dating, IMVU is your best choice. It combines instant messaging clients with three-dimensional avatars for a more interactive experience. Users can indulge in a virtual game and earn credits (digital currency) to upgrade their avatar and profile. The private chat channel keeps your conversation discreet.

However, is spending time playing the virtual game and chatting to find someone unique really worth your time?

This is often asked by the Newbies when they first join or decide to join the platform. Let us make that clear.

What is IMVU, and how can you make the most of it?

Created back in 2004 when networking apps like Tinder and social platform like Facebook were non-existent, IMVU became the instant go-to virtual platform for the young internet community. It was when the Avatar community and virtual games were the popular mediums to connect to people. The three-dimensional avatar games combined fun and rich social networking features that kept you hooked for a long time.

Instant Messaging Virtual Universe (IMVU) is a 3D gaming, dating, and chat app meant for all ages. It comes with many exciting features like a 3D interface, dressing up avatars, chatting with members, and creating new homes. The credit-based system is sure to hook you to the platform.

Today, IMVU has over 6 million users worldwide and currently has the most extensive virtual goods catalog of more than 40 million items. It has 7 million visitors per month and 1.2 million daily active users. It also has a peak daily concurrency of 140,000 users.

With the changing times, the makers also introduced the platform on mobile, making it available to many users. This is the secret to IMVU’s massive growth. Launched to iOS and Android in 2014, IMVU’s userbase grew to 80% mobile and only 20% desktop.

This proves that IMVU is one of the most popular gaming and dating sites.

According to App Annie,

IMVU is a top-grossing app right behind the white-hot video-sharing app TikTok.

It features an Access Pass that restricts young users from accessing private chats that may contain adult content. This has worried many experts and parents about their kids accessing mature content on IMVU.

Is it something to worry about?

Because of many loopholes and lack of monitoring, every social networking site, including Facebook and Twitter, provides easy access to adult content. IMVU is no different!

However, IMVU ensures that only adults could access adult content by buying the ‘Access Pass’ and verifying that they’re 18 and above.

What is the Access Pass?

Access Pass or AP holders gain special privileges to AP-Only Rooms, AP-Only Groups, and exclusive content. Getting AP also allows you to access items including more mature themes, such as nudity, alcohol and tobacco use, profanity, mild violence, and sexual themes.

  • Members can purchase AP by paying real money, $19.99 to be precise. They need not buy AV (Age Verified Token) that is provided free.
  • Members can also purchase AP by using 20,000 credits, but they must verify their age before purchasing AV. They must purchase AV for $5.00 before proceeding to buy AP with 20,000 credits.

Can you make money off it?

IMVU contains a virtual economy with a currency system based on “game credits” and “promo credits.” It isn’t just a metaverse for gamers and chatters but also a digital goods economy for digital creators

IMVU Creator Program offers ways to extend the IMVU experience by customizing and creating products, rooms, and fashion apparel for the avatars. Digital creators such as 3D and 3D artists can join the program to start creating virtual items (fashion pieces (hair, clothes, skins), pets, 3D scenes (home, club, landscape, furniture, etc.) that many users purchase regularly.

Hundreds of IMVU creators earn six figures every year from fashion apparel and other avatar enhancements. Creating virtual parties, dating shows, and weddings are other major revenue models introduced by IMVU.

According to New World Notes (,

50,000+ active creators only cash out $8 million a year.

So, is IMVU worth your time? Indeed, you can meet members from different parts of the world. If your purpose is to meet someone to date, it’s better to get the Access Pass.

If you’re done with using IMVU for good, you can also opt to delete your account. You can still keep your account even though you aren’t using it without being charged at all.

Visit the to know more about to delete IMVU account. When you delete your account, all your user data, including every interaction, is deleted.

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