INTERVIEW: Anne Wilson

Welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I have been so good, it’s been such an incredible time and just so many emotions and so many feelings, and it’s just been like a whirlwind.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single, “My Jesus”? 

I started journaling about four years ago after my brother died in a car accident. And whenever I started journaling, I realized that I look back in my journal and I realized I never wrote just Jesus, God or Lord. I always wrote my Jesus. So, when we started writing songs that they were talking through it, it kind of came to me that the reason that I always wrote my Jesus is because that to me is me. God is a personal and intimate God who wants to know each and every one of us personally. “My Jesus” came from a place of just wanting to have a personal relationship with God and just claiming that the same Jesus. That is my view. That can be your Jesus, too.

Why did you decide to name the multitrack after “My Jesus”?

I think it’s such a testament to my life and my story. “My Jesus” was the perfect single, my first single that I could have ever put out, because it’s really just my story in Jesus, taking broken pieces from losing my brother and just making them whole again and bringing beauty from ashes. It’s such a testament to my story and my life.

How was the recording and writing process? Do you have any fun stories that you’d want to share?

Yeah, is honestly such a sweet time of just getting to write the song and then just kind of see it be fulfilled and finish up and everything like that. There were a lot of hard moments as well, because writing a song sometimes can be tough, but it was just a really fun experience and such a sweet time that I was able to spend. It’s been such a gift. 

So what role does Kentucky play in your music? 

A huge role! I grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, and I am a country farm girl all the way. I might not have an accent, but I’m surrounded by people who are just like this. My family has a 500 acre farm in Kentucky, so we’re really into farmland and country life. When I started writing songs for the first time, it was like I couldn’t even imagine doing any other type of sound other than having that country in southern influence from Kentucky. I love four pieces of Banjo, dobro and different sounds like the fiddle that all kind of originate from Kentucky and putting those into my song.

How has your life, both the positive and most tragic moments influenced your writing in this record in particular?

That’s a great question. It’s impacting it in a lot of ways. My brother passed away four years ago in a car accident. When Jacob died, I just remember being incredibly broken and incredibly depressed. I didn’t even think that we were going to ever survive through the tragedy. My family and I were so down and so filled with grief. I remember God called me that in that season, and when he called me the music, I didn’t really know how healing it would be. The past four years, getting to write songs from that place of losing Jacob is so incredible. Every song that I’ve written, especially these three, have come out of such an honest and vulnerable place. They have all been pulled from that tragedy of losing Jacob and then just hearing that over the past four years.

What aspect of your personal relationship with Christ did you explore within the songs?

Definitely the personal side of the apology and getting to call him my best. There’s different things of God’s strength which have been pulled out of me during the season of all the different challenges I’ve had to walk through, and different obstacles throughout the past years. I think it is such a gift that we get to have God’s grace and mercy so displayed in our life and discovering us at all times. 

Where else did you draw from inspiration for the songs and lyrics? 

I would say my personal relationship with God was where I kind of grew from, especially on “Devil,” and I noticed that all three of the songs have inspirations from life experiences in different seasons. Even before Jacob died or after Jacob died, just different seasons of being filled with comparison and thoughts of doubt and just being ashamed of different things in my life. Throughout all of the seasons, God has just continued to show me his goodness and his love and his mercy. So for all the three of the songs, it really is about our relationship. 

What else is happening in Anne Wilson’s world?

I have some new music coming out this summer! I can’t say when, but it will be this summer, so we’re excited about that. Stay tuned for more.

Watch Anne Wilson’s latest music video for her single, “My Jesus” below.

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