Discovery Orders “Otter Dynasty” Series Described As “Game of Thrones with Otters”

There’s an old Hollywood joke (brilliantly sent up in Robert Altman’s classic film The Player) where an industry exec is being pitched a new film idea; after going to all of the trouble of picking out the exact nuances that makes a potential film memorable and one-of-a-kind, the hapless screenwriter – sensing the near catatonic state of said Hollywood Big Wheel upon hearing his summation – acquiesces and compares the new and unique film in the way only an entertainment insider could: “It’s like Jaws Meets Pretty Woman, but with a Body Double sort of twist.” Suddenly the lights go on in the CEO’s eyes and a proverbial green light for the project seems at least a few inches closer to becoming a reality.

 This bromide came to mind this morning as I skimmed the news from our Outward Bound compatriots at The Hollywood Reporter of an upcoming Discovery reality series going by the name of Otter Dynasty and which deals with a trio of otter families that respectively hang their hats in Singapore’s Marina Bay.

The otter, once announced as being quite extinct from the country of Singapore in the 1970s, surprised everyone by staging a comeback the likes of which would make any over-the-hill member of a 1980s hair band green with envy. In 2021 it is surmised that 120 otters call Marina Bay in Singapore their home.

 Amy Introcaso-Davis, Executive Vice President of Development and Production of Factual Programing at Discovery issued a press release today touting the upcoming Otter Dynasty, saying that the show “is a rich family drama showcasing distinct, memorable characters through stories of resilience, determination and family rivalries. With real-life stories from the natural world, fueled by status, survival, power grabs and romance, it’s Game of Thrones with otters.”

So in other words Ladies and Gents, otters are just as mixed-up as humans – only a little bit cuter.

Otter Dynasty is set to land on Discovery platforms everywhere next year. It is being produced by Beach House Pictures for Animal Planet in conjunction with Blue Ant Media’s Love Nature, with the latter overseeing licensing for the new series in the markets that are outside America.

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