A List of Tech Gems That You Must Visit

Would you consider yourself a techie? If so, you have to get a load of these astounding tech news sites. A true techie knows that technology is more than just the gadget you use to flip open the garage door, or the device you are using to read this right now. 

Technology is a new dimension that you have so much to learn about. The great thing about it is that every new day brings new knowledge and information, so if you thought you already knew everything you need to know we can assure you that you don’t. Don’t believe us? See what’s new in the world of tech with these news reporters. 

1. thenextweb.com

Wondering what the best thing since sliced bread is? If anyone would have the answer to this, it would be The Next Web. Consider how long they’ve been around, who knows maybe they were even the ones to share the news of sliced bread. Jokes aside, their 20-year history has proven they have the ability to share enticing stories and keep their audience interested. 

The Next Web is known as the heart of tech for a reason. Reason being that they launch stories and content in a heartbeat, as soon as word gets out about something new you can count on them to cover it. Furthermore, they hold their own event where you can get firsthand experience of what it means to be a true techie. Follow The New Web news here. 

2. knowtechie.com

Talking about techies, we have site number two on our list that knows what it means to be dedicated to technology and its ability to change the world we live in. They are what you would call the know-it-all of the tech society but in a good way of course. After all, they would not be where they are today if they didn’t have such a good reputation. 

They like to provide you with a good scoop of the news, but that is not the only thing that they cover. If you’re looking to invest in a new tablet or smart equipment you may want to take a peek at their reviews beforehand. Also, don’t hesitate to browse through the other sections such as gadgets, how-to, apps, mobile, deals, and more. See all the stories for yourself here. 

3. vox.com

Apart from being a very popular general news reporter, Vox took it upon themselves to devote an entire area of their site strictly related to what is happening in the technological universe. When it comes down to it, it is only fair considering that majority of general news is in some way related to some sort of technology. 

Unlike other strictly dedicated tech news sites, Vox doesn’t include reviews and similar information. But what makes them so great is the fact that they are such a widespread source of knowledge. They use the fact the technology is intertwined with other news to their advantage as well as your own. Catch sight of the world of tech at Vox here. 

4. eweek.com

One day in the tech universe brings along a bunch of unexpected news, much less a week. Of course, eWeek doesn’t wait for a week to share the news. In fact, they can barely go a few hours without sharing some data in the form of an article or video. This is a news source straight from Silicon Valley, so we can assure you there is no reason to doubt what they’ve said even for a second. 

Considering they come from such a crucial place that is surrounded by the biggest players in technology, it is only fitting their site is filled with the ultimate pieces of news, the latest in cybersecurity, big data and analytics, cloud, mobile, networking, storage and so much more. Take a look at Silicon ValleyS finest here. 

5. brightsideofnews.com

You will surely feel extra bright after scrolling through a few pages of Bright Side of News. Despite being a relatively young source of tech information, they most definitely do not slack in the news department. Whether it be about the ultimate new VR accessories or drone and electric cars, BSN has you covered. 

What makes them special is that they also address other topics related to technology that aren’t so commonly talked about, such as streaming, fintech, and even VPN. Have you ever wondered if VPN can really hide your browsing history? You can find the answer with a few clicks of a button. Check out their Tech News category here.

6. smartmobs.com

Another youngster in the world of tech news reporting, but like they say, the future relies on the young so why not listen to what they have to say about it. The future also relies on the technological advancements that are being released daily. If you aren’t keeping track you might miss out on a crucial piece of information. 

No need to worry if you have Smartmobs saved in your ‘most visited’ pages. They continuously provide you with all the breaking news and other exceptional content having to do with technology, entertainment, software, hardware, and best deals out there. Check out their Tech News category here.

7. futurism.com

Marty McFly won’t be the only one doing the time-traveling if you take the time to browse through Futurism. Catch a glimpse of the future with in-depth news pieces and reports. They ask you the question “wonder what’s next?” while at the same time answering it with content expanding from Artificial Intelligence to hard science. 

They take the art of futurism and make it a movement of their own with the most original topics. When you don’t have time to read or simply want to entertain yourself with knowledgeable tech material head over to their videos section. You’ll definitely find something there that piques your interest. Have a look at Futurism here.

8. makeuseof.com

The second last on our list is a site that is a tad different from the rest, but just as enlightening. Make Use Of or MUO for short is a site that is focused on showing you how you can utilize and take advantage of all of the technological advancements that are surrounding you. 

Never underestimate the power of the smart devices you use daily. You’re smartphone, for instance, is more than just a place where you socialize through social media and make calls and text. Open your mind to a whole new side of what it means to have a smartphone and other gadgets with the content found on MUO. Check out all their useful tech tips and news here. 

9. zdnet.com

Drawing an end to tech gems that you must visit is a site known as ZDnet. Since 1991 they’ve been growing their presence with high factual reporting and unbiased content. Even with their reviews, they focus on providing you with the most information from every perspective. Which in turn will help you make smarter purchasing decisions. 

Alongside that, ZDnet is most commonly known for its news reporting skills that bring along solid content you can use for personal use or research. They have a knack for digging up jaw-dropping stories that will have you listing from page to page for several hours. Have a look at the current news in tech at ZDnet here. 

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