What is the Importance of Letter Writing?

A letter is a form of written communication that can be written by hand or printed on paper. Although it is not needed, it is normally sent to the recipient via mail or post in an envelope. A text, or a written conversation between two people, is any such communication that is sent via the mail.

The practice of letter writing has taken a backseat now that E-mails (Advantages and Disadvantages), tweets, and other means of communication have become the standard. However, letters are still used for a lot of our communication, particularly formal communication. Letters are also a vital mode of communication, whether it’s a cover letter for a work, a bank alert, or a college acceptance letter. That is why it is important that we understand the nuances of letter writing.

If you’re like most business people, you are probably asking yourself what is Importance of letter writing is. Well, in truth, there is no single reason that this process has to be done and it’s not mandatory. However, the truth is that letter writing can be a great tool to convey information and also make contact with your customers and clients. The importance of letter writing is not only in its ability to send a message, but also in the fact that it is a very effective means of communication.

  • When you consider what is the importance of letter writing, the first thing you will come to realize is that it is a very effective means of advertising and selling. 
  • Businesses that have a letterhead on their website will communicate a lot more information than a website that does not have one. So the importance of this process cannot be discounted.
  • Another important aspect of what is the importance of letter writing is that it helps to keep you in touch with your customers and clients. Your customers may not subscribe to your mailing list. It still however, provides a sense of continuity between you and your client. This is something that no marketing medium can ever replace. So, as you see, there is an immense importance of letter writing.
  • When you are considering what is the importance of letter writing, you need to put into consideration the length of the letter and the content. Letter writing is generally considered to be between one to three pages. 

However, the content can vary depending on what your purpose for writing the letter is.

For instance, if you are sending a thank you letter to a client, you don’t necessarily need to write every last detail. In fact, you should aim to write only those details that are absolutely necessary. As an example, you should refrain from mentioning the price of the product you are selling in your letter. Why? Well, your customer may have gone a few steps back already, and may not be in a position to understand your pricing policy.

Purpose of Letter Writing

Letter writing depends on the purpose of your letter writing. If, for instance, you are writing to a friend and you want to convey your happiness at having them on your side, you should try to keep the letter short and sweet. On the other hand, if you are writing to a prospective client and you want to convey your appreciation of his business to him, you should consider including all the details you can think of.On the other definition, A Letter is a written piece of information fulfilling a purpose of the writer. A letter is usually written with the intention to either deliver information, send a message, ask for a task to be done or to report about a scenario. Letter writing has been an important aspect of people’s lives over time.

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