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The Influential Traveler: Luca Oliveri

I usually try to experience new things everywhere to live the best life moments

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Traveling is an essential aspect of life, and it is the only way to unwind from a hectic schedule. It’s all about having a variety of life experiences. Traveling is a fantastic way to relieve fatigue, fear, and depression. It also benefits one’s emotional and physical well-being. We have one life, and we should be grateful for it for allowing us to become the most evolved creatures on the globe. Not only do we get to see the wonders of nature, but we also get to learn about diverse geographies, topographies, and cultures. Here, in this article, we will talk about a significant travel influencer, photographer, and video maker, Luca Oliveri.

Traveling to rediscover yourself

When we talk about his inspiration for traveling, then it’s his creativity and ambitiousness. He is waiting for the feeling of being alive. His love of travel began gradually as he began to explore beautiful locations close to home and further away. He can’t seem to stop searching for these magical and primarily unknown places around the world. He says that when he feels that, he has the eyes of a 5-year-old boy, which is fantastic. A balance inspires him to travel. This kind of feeling is causing him a great deal of anxiety! All should find a way to lower the bar and break the monotony: he discovered himself through travel.

Luca Oliveri: here some destinations to live unforgettable experiences

If we ask about some of Luca Oliveri’s fascinating places so far, then there are many places around the world that he adores. First and foremost, Hawaii, with all of its walks, unspoiled beaches, natural beauty, and magic. Have you ever heard of Haiku Stairs or Kalalau Beach? These stunning locations left such an impression that he felt compelled to write a book, which he is currently working on. He says that he has left his heart behind! The most important aspect of travel that most excites him is the only thing to do is to go out and find them all. When he comes across a beautiful place, the prospect of capturing it in a photograph or video fascinates him the most. He poured my heart and soul into it. Seeking the right way to relive the location and feelings in pictures can become a bit of compulsion at times. He also believes that my goal is to introduce his followers to areas where they can have incredible life experiences, such as sleeping in a tent fully immersed in nature. Exploring nature is the main motive of traveling and Luca Oliveri has been doing that, moreover, you would know many things about life when you travel close to the nature.

Luca Oliveri, “hunter” of emotions

The advice that he will send to someone who wants to fly but doesn’t have the motivation or is afraid of the unknown is traveling. Traveling also entails attempting to get ourselves outside of our comfort zones! For example, he would never have imagined spending seven days without the internet in the middle of the wilderness, facing such a narrow and dangerous road, only to arrive at the most beautiful beach on the planet, to spend New Year’s Eve around a fire with old and new friends. These beautiful feelings should inspire us not to be fearful of new opportunities while also assisting us in finding a commitment that will undoubtedly surprise us in learning something new and unique about ourselves. Don’t forget to follow his Instagram page on

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