Marvel’s Next TV Series “Secret Invasion” Lands Its Directors

Back in 2008, Marvel Comics ran an eight-issue limited series entitled Secret Invasion. The storyline posited on what the superheroes of the Marvel Universe would do if they discovered that their ranks had been infiltrated by a nefarious race of shape-shifting aliens called the Skrulls. Being an avid comic book hound – and also being a compulsive fanatic of Marvel’s very own Captain America – it was inevitable that at least a few examples of that line-wide mega Marvel event would make their way into my collection, even if I wasn’t too hot on the storyline itself. Heck, for this longtime fan of the science fiction genre, it felt like a rehash of author Jack Finney’s classic novel The Body Snatchers (itself translated to the silver screen successfully a number of times as Invasion of the Body Snatchers), with perhaps a little dash of Invaders From Mars thrown in for good measure. I quickly filed the Secret Invasion mini and its various and sundry spinoffs and crossovers away and forgot about them, already looking ahead at other big summer events yet to be from Marvel and DC.

 Of course, it takes different strokes to move the world and what didn’t work for this funny book nut went over like gangbusters with the rest of the comic book reading populace (my tastes in everything has always been a little out of lockstep with everyone else). Secret Invasion proved popular enough to ultimately capture the attention of a Hollywood fully transfixed on comic book properties and quicker than the Invaders could rally forth with their battle cry of “Okay, Axis, here we come!” the Brian Michael Bendis mini-series had been scooped up by the enterprising gremlins at Disney for an honest-to-Pete live action adaptation; Which brings us up to a bit of breaking news from our pals at The Hollywood Reporter regarding the upcoming Secret Invasion project…

 Secret Invasion, which will be a new Marvel series set to air on Disney+, has found its directors in the form of Thomas Bezucha (Let Him Go) and Ali Selim of The Looming Tower fame. These two stalwarts of film will oversee the tremendous acting talents of Samuel L. Jackson, Olivia Colman, Emilia Clarke, Kingsley Ben-Adir and Ben Mendelsohn.

 The plot is being played close to the vest, but it’s a good bet that the boob tube rendition of Secret Invasion will closely follow that of the 2008 mini-series, with a few tweaks here and there. The scribe who has the heady job of translating the comic book page to the small screen is Kyle Bradstreet of Mr. Robot.

 Secret Invasion is scheduled to begin shooting in Europe later this year. Keep your eyes on Vents for any updates on this latest Marvel project, True Beleivers!

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