New Fox Drama Series “Accused” Lands Top Creatives Behind “Homeland” and “House”

Riddle me this, Ladies and Gents: How do you get a brand-spankin’ new series off the ground and running in an altogether smashing and spectacular way? If you’re the bean counters behind the Fox Network, you head to some of the brightest and best in creative quarters to ensure that significant and substantive scripts and notable actors will flock to your latest primetime endeavor like bees to honey. Apparently, Fox got the particular memo I just read off to you as The Hollywood Reporter announced today that the creators responsible for some awfully good television in recent years – in this case Homeland and House – just landed a lucrative deal to adapt the hit British series Accused for American audiences.

 So, what’s Accused about? Nope, it’s not a needless update on the classic 1988 Jodie foster film (for the record, the specific title for that little gem is The Accused), Instead, it’s an anthology drama where every episode opens in a courtroom with a new set of defendants. As the episode commences, details are unspooled, revealing to us just how these individuals wound up in a courtroom in the first place. And, as noted above, it’s an adaptation of an extremely popular British series which can claim a BAFTA to its good name.

 Fox Big Wheel (and Entertainment President) Michael Thorn today lauded the involvement of the creatives who are tasked with translating the show for a new audience – House and The Good Doctor Svengali David Shore and Homeland creators Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa: “We are beyond thrilled to welcome Howard, Alex and David back to Fox – and on the same team, no less. Not only are they incredible writers, creators and producers, but working together on this rich and compelling source material promises something truly special. It’s safe to say that we, along with our valued partners at Sony, are excited for what has all the makings of a signature Fox series.”

Following up on Thorn’s statement, Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier added that “We take great pride in Fox’s legacy of bold risk taking and inventive storytelling. Howard, Alex and David are an important part of that history and working with them on Accused takes us back to our roots, literally. They are tremendous artists responsible for some of the most important and beloved series ever on television, and it’s a joy to once again bet on their creative brilliance.”

Accused is expected to drop on Fox in their 2022-23 season, allowing Shore, Gordon and Gansa to fully develop what will hopefully be a crackerjack of an adaptation.

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