How Peter Szabo is Changing Lives by Rewriting Past Traumas Using Memory Flipping

Peter Szabo started as an 11-year-old kid from Slovakia with dreams of making it big. At the age of 11, he witnessed his parents make poor financial decisions, wherein they took on loans, emptied their savings, and invested in an MLM company in hopes for a better financial future. Unfortunately, the investment did not pan out as they had expected and their family went broke. Realizing that living within the meager minimum wage is not what he wants for himself, he strived to become something bigger than himself to be able to live an abundant and prosperous life. His initial goal was to make $2000 a month and every day he worked hard and struggled for many years.

How do you flip memory?

Peter saw his breakthrough through memory flipping. According to him, if you push the switch, the light will turn on, and similarly, when you do this kind of work, your life will change. He shares that memory flipping is a three-step process, which includes identifying the memory, desensitizing it, and finally flipping the memory.

  1. Identify the memory

You initially have to ask yourself three questions: How do you know it’s a problem?; What’s the emotion behind it?; and What’s the earliest occurrence wherein you felt the emotion?. To recognize if something is a problem, you have to choose a subject you want to work on, it can be something as simple as sticking to a diet or something more complex, such as making more money. You have to ask how rather than why is something a problem because seeking for reasons reinforces its existence as a difficult situation.

Peter shared his personal experience of identifying his problem, specifically in generating more income. He tried to sit down to get work done, however, anxiety brimmed him as distractions took his time from actually being productive. It was challenging for him to make money when he was not focused on what he was supposed to do. By recognizing this, he was able to ask himself how the situation made him feel and consequently trace the memory which produced the same emotion. Surprisingly, the memory was not money-related, but the invoked feelings were similar to an incident when he was a kid.

The main idea here is that experiences in different periods of your life, despite being unrelated, can generate the same feelings. You have to dive into your unconscious and search for areas that affect your consciousness. Once this has become apparent to you, you can then reflect. By doing so, you would be able to think of proper solutions to overcome hurdles and move on.

  1. Desensitize the memory

When you recall a memory, you automatically enter a hypnotic trance, wherein your body experiences what it did when a memory happened. Your body will produce similar sensations once you take a journey to the past. Despite that, there are processes to lessen the intensity of the memories through desensitization techniques that detach emotions, hence, decreasing impact. Through this, you will be able to take a different standpoint.

  1. Flip the memory

Once you’ve identified the problem and desensitized the memory, it can now shift into something you’d prefer over what truly occurred. Here, the motivation is not to be delusional but to create new memories for your body to function better to accomplish necessary tasks for your goals. This also allows you to love yourself even more because the negative emotions that once permeated your memories are transformed into positivity and optimism. No longer will anxiety and self-doubt govern your actions with your newfound self-confidence and self-esteem.

If you want to know more about Peter Szabo and memory flipping, you can sign up for his free training here. You can also reach him through his website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. He also has a YouTube channel where he shares his story, memory flipping, and tips and tricks around the market. 

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