Vic Diggie’s New Single “Clover And A Leprechaun”

There’s a somewhat eerie similarity to the late DMX, that you can hear in Vic Diggies vocal stylings. Eerie, in the sense of how timely it is to have an artist emerge, who possesses such a distinctive and uncommon style. Make no mistake, Vic Diggie is very much a product of his own creation, and any potential comparisons are purely coincidental. It’s the Rapper’s grit and unapologetic commitment to the authentic representation of his true nature that also resembles DMX. Vic Diggie will not censor himself in any way, and he does so without the slightest bit of forethought.


Diggie’s newest single, “Clover And A Leprechaun,” tackles the occasional lack of closure, reached in the dissolution of relationships. Vic Diggie pulls absolutely no punches, in being as uncomfortably detailed as possible in some of the more intimate aspects of said relationships. What’s remarkable, is that at no point does Diggie veer into misogynistic territory. He is a man who fully invested himself into the relationships he recounts, and comes across as genuinely hurt/disappointed by the residuals. Vic Diggie is one of those artists, that while his approach  may not be everyone’s cup of tea, you can’t discount his honesty.

“Clover And A Leprechaun,” is lascivious, ribald, and audacious. It’s not intended for a young audience, but Vic Diggie assumes that you are already, well aware of this. And why shouldn’t he? This is him in his rawest form, showing far more vulnerability, than aggression. It reminds us that what sometimes appears to be aggressive and provocative behavior is often bore and fueled by heartbreak, abandonment, and alienation.

 Not to put blame on any one party in any relationship, but it’s becoming increasingly imperative that we examine the source of spiritual and psychological unrest in our society. Vic Diggie is a perfect character study, in this regard. There are some who may become instantly and fervently  offended by his lyrical work on this record. But are they missing the point, entirely? For Vic Diggie, he is telling a story of love and intimacy, not one of hatred and violence.


It comes with a disclaimer, that those of a mature audience, approach “Clover And A Leprechaun,” with an open mind. Musically, it is well performed and mixed. It fits in well with a mix of similar artists, and some will find Diggie’s audacity, entirely relatable. Again, he is a real person who is making art true to that persona, and it’s hard to make an argument that opposes that concept. Though, this review started with a comparison to DMX, by the end, it is abundantly clear that there is only one Vic Diggie in this world. An artist and a being, who dares to be themselves, when it’s almost dangerous to do so; the question is, are you bold enough to do the same?

by Mark Ryan

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