The Best 5 social media apps in 2021?

Social media is vital for both marketers and customers. In this article we will take a look at the best social media platforms.

Best Social Media Apps that will change your life

1-   BaxBeauty

BaxBeauty app is founded by Reza Abbaszadeh an Iranian German entrepreneur. This is the first fashion and beauty exclusive social media platform which will be available on apple store and google play later this year. BaxBeauty is being developed by Abbaszadeh Technologies Inc.

Since BaxBeauty is still under development, we do have a lot of information about this new app. But lots of celebrities are reserving their usernames on this platform in advance, that shows the future potential of this app. BaxBeauty will be the first exclusive app in fashion and beauty   industry which allows users to create their personal and business portfolios with no disturbance of unrelated subjects.

Exclusive camera effects, massaging platform, customisable profile interface and personalized privacy options are amazing features that you have not seen in any other platforms so far. Imagine you can post only for selected people that you want without changing your profile to private!

BaxBeauty helps you to promote your fashion businesses with outstanding features to increase your brand awareness. By BaxBeauty you will able to attract more customers to your location and also you can drive more traffic to boost your online sales.

It is amazing that you can make your online branch for potential customers. Since all the users on BaxBeauty are those people who want to see fashionable styles, beauty trends, classy make ups and the best clothes, you will get value for your money when you advertise. It means that every single penny of your money will be effective.

In BaxBeauty, you can set your location on the local map to attract more customers, chat with your audience to engage and get orders, customise your interface to look phenomenal, create personal and professional groups to interact with one another, share your moments to influence others, and promote your brand to be the star.

BaxBeauty Monetisation partnership allows you to make money with this app.

2-   Tik Tok

TikTok is a social video app that allows users to share short videos. TikTok is rising day by day. TikTok maintains a separate app for the Chinese market, known as Duyin, which has over 300 million active monthly users.

Tik Tok founded by Zhang Yiming, the 36-year-old software engineer in 2016. TikTok does boast one of the largest growth percentages in 2020, and this certainly does not look to stop in 2021.

3-   Instagram

Instagram is a video and photo-sharing social network created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. In April 2012, Facebook acquired the service for approximately US$1 billion in cash and stock. Instagram has changed a lot and with a new user interface which was controversial they took a risk and it definitely paid off.

4-   Youtube

YouTube is an online video platform owned by Google. Available for IOS and Android. This app lets the user upload, view, share, rate, report, and comment on the video. YouTube is a free video sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos. You can even create and upload your own videos to share with others. Youtube created by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim.

5-   Telegram

Telegram is a instant messaging software and application service. What makes Telegram unique is its focus on privacy, encryption, and an open-source API. Telegram was founded by Pavel Durov in 2013. In 2021 telegram also added a new feature in which you can have the ability to do shopping online inside the app.

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