Jim Marshall’s Septemics: A Revolutionary Addition to the Understanding of Human Phenomena

For years, decades, and even centuries philosophers, psychologists, and scientists alike have tried to understand human behavior and phenomena. Humans act, behave, portray and exist in a multitude of different ways and have done so since the dawn of time. Understanding human phenomena is a difficult albeit necessary endeavor, one that man himself has tried long to uncover. Jim Marshall’s Septemics: Hierarchies of Human Phenomena – Analysis, Prediction and Management of Human Affairs is a fresh insight and a groundbreaking statement on human phenomena and how its assessment can be used to predict human activity.

Marshall offers up a new philosophical science that is not a theory but a statement of truth about human affairs. He introduces us to Septemics – the understanding of the 35 unique axes of human phenomena, split into a spectrum of 7 levels on which human affairs are measured, evaluated, and can be developed.

In his book Septemics – a portion of which is available to read freely on the website septemics.com – Marshall’s purpose is to improve individuals lives by sharing the capability to comprehend the Game of Life by mastering how to interpret traits and behaviors and patterns of the individual and the societal group of the human race. Readers are made akin to fascinating discoveries which are certain to be of broad importance across a range of disciplines – from the entrepreneurial personal development seeker to the psychologist or the human development philosopher. Whatever background, Septemics has been cultivated to empower the mind and soul, to better the ability to understand each other’s actions and behaviors.

Marshall’s journey to Septemics is an amalgamation of more than 50 thousand hours of dedication to research on the concepts of human progress and capacity and his lifelong experience of learning in the domains of science, philosophy, psychology, political science, law, mathematics, literature, and more. Septemics is pioneering in nature, a remarkable example of the expertise Marshall carries.

In Septemics, human behavior is characterized into 35 scales which are divided into two categories: the twenty-four individual scales and the eleven group scales. The scales are subdivided into 7 types that determine different levels of that human activity. In the Scale of Basic Purposes, Marshall measures human activity on the level of humanity, wisdom, ethics, courage, fear, stupidity, and criminality to determine the different types of human patterns and affairs attached to certain types of people. The types ranging from Saint, Leader, Winner, Normal, Loser, Criminal and Subversive respectively are linked to the objectives or purposes of Transcendence, Conquest, Wealth, Conformity, Suffering, Pleasure, and Destruction. Any person of any socioeconomic background, race, or gender could be at any one of these levels. These levels, purposes, types are all explanations and evidence for the phenomena of human activity. To understand them is to understand yourself and others. To see where you lie between the spectrum and how to develop into a progressed, refined version of yourself. To predict how others will act depending on where they fall on the levels. These are the tools offered by Marshall in Septemics.

In essence, Septemics is best described as a revolution. A change in the way of understanding, thinking, describing, and evaluating human behavior. Science and philosophy merge in this insightful statement on how humans work. Marshall invites readers to gain access to valuable tools of insight that will help engage in food for thought about the potential of themselves, others, and the potential of humanity itself.

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