Woodney Pierre is representing for the Haitian Canadian Community

Woodney Pierre is a creative soul that was born in Montreal Canada of Haitian descent. She grew up in Toronto, Canada. Toronto is known to be one of the most diverse cities in North America but the Haitian community is small and slowly expanding into Toronto. Growing up for Woodney was at time challenging because the language (French/Kreyol), Kompa/Zouk was one that was not known to many, outside of the Caribbean and some African Countries. The expanding Haitian community has opened many doors for Woodney which she is always grateful for.

Haiti is a Country that is rich in history, culture, music, food and so much more, something that many are just now starting to see. Being a multifaceted artist who is passionate about Music and drama, Woodney has shared the stage with some of the greats such as KASSAV, T-Vice and Harmonik.. Aside from her talents Woodney has started a non-for-profit organization called The Matty Jae Youth Foundation. This foundation speaks to mental health awareness and suicide prevention awareness, mentorship and the arts. The foundation was invited by Viva Haiti to do work back in Haiti. They facilitated various arts and drama workshops for the local youth as well as mentorship work with university students. This has been one of the most fulfilling moments for Woodney and she was also able to see the beauty of her home country Haiti.

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