Video Production in the Transport Industry – All you Need to Know

The transport sector is among those that require video production services. There are numerous video production companies, and choosing the best to work with will guarantee the project’s success. Spiel Creative is among firms with a solid reputation and many years in the industry. Numerous factors come into play when producing a video for the transport sector. Safety is one of the elements that you ought to bear in mind. The crew and cast should be safe at all times and adhere to traffic regulations. Some of the other elements that you need to know are.


Video production costs money, and the transport industry is among those that need top-tier gear to get most of the shots right. For this reason, you should list all the potential companies in your jurisdiction alongside the amount they charge for the various services they provide. This will help you pick a company with competitive rates and good quality work. You can try to negotiate with the production team before signing the contract. Setting a budget comes in handy and makes it easier for you to find and settle on a company within the confines of the same. The type of video you want and the duration will dictate the overall cost of the venture. Assess all factors related to pricing to set a reasonable budget. Knowing the expenditure to anticipate gives you an upper hand during negotiations as well.


The transport industry has a set of rules that one has to follow when using the various means available. In some countries, recording any type of videos is prohibited. When engaging with the production companies, ask about the regulations you must adhere to when working on the project. Also, familiarize yourself with the rule in your region to avoid being on the wrong side of the law. Traffic rules apply for projects that involve road transport. The team should bear this in mind and provide a way forward where there are restrictions. Getting permission to shoot a video on the highway, airport, or cruise ship requires you to seek consent from the relevant control bodies. Ensure that all the permits are available before the team embarks on the project. Even the video wizzes at Spiel agree that this is an important factor that should not be overlooked in the pre-production phase.


You can choose to work with a video production company or use freelancers to deliver on the project’s mandate. The crew’s experience in creating content in the transport sector is something that you should review before signing any contracts. The portfolio of the company will guide you when making a decision. The experience they have in video production is evident in the jobs they have done. Ask to see projects they have handled in the transport sector to gauge whether they will deliver good quality work or not.

The portfolio should have their most recent works for you to see how they handle the technical side of things, including but not limited to cinematography, editing, color grading, and composition of shots. If you are not an expert in video production, ask for a second opinion from someone who has the necessary skills and knowledge in this field. If you choose to use freelancers, ask for a showreel to prevent the hassle of watching many videos. You have to vet everyone joining the team if you want to get the best results.

The factors we discuss above are critical, and you ought to pay attention to them. However, they are not the only elements that you have to worry about. Understanding the technical side of video production will come in handy in making your project a success. Here are some of the elements you need to familiarize yourself with.


Voice is that which further explains what your product or service is to the consumer. Voice incorporates the background music, sound effects, and the voice-over used in the video. A professional voice-over recorded on the right recording software in a recording booth should be considered alongside relevant background music and sound effects; they all work together to create the mood and set a tone in the video.

Voice is used as an expressive tool in the video to the benefit of the product or service as it appeals to the emotions of the consumer; hence they relate more to the product or service.


The right goals should be put in place to help determine the outcome of the video. The right goals ultimately trigger the right results from the target audience and also ensure that a clear plan is set into motion with the audience knowing what you are selling or the message you are conveying. The objectives of the production should be set alongside the goals to ensure that the message gets to the intended audience at the stipulated time.


A good well thought out script leads to a good quality video. The script shows how the story unfolds and then develops the storyboard, which is the visual representation of the script and done mainly by a professional illustrator.

A script provides an opportunity for one to match the video’s tone to that of the brand. Scripting defines the style of the video and offers storytelling as an alternative to explaining what the product is about to the consumers.

The type of video you want to produce will dictate numerous factors, including the ideal company to work with. Ask people around you for referrals to expand the pool of firms that you need to choose from. Reviews from experts and testimonials will also point you in the right direction. Video producers like Spiel, who have been in the industry for an extended period, will help you make an informed choice. If you cannot use their services due to distance, you can get tips from their site on how to go about the project at hand.

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