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Masks are needed in several places during Corona virus pandemic (COVID-19) . With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, many nations have mandated the use of masks in public places, on public transportation, and in supermarkets. Despite the stricter shutdowns, infection rates continue to climb. Virus forms are most likely to blame for this.

Simple masks were no longer effective in controlling the spread of infection, so FFP2, also known as, “N95, P2 or KN95′ in other countries, was introduced.


Elder-care and nursing homes are increasingly using FFP2 masks (equivalent to other international standards such as ‘N95, P2 ‘KN95 masks). They offer some virus protection for the wearer, but they can not be used when in contact with patients who are extremely contagious.

The FFP2 face mask (full name: “filtering facepiece”) has a P2 ranking and filters at least 94% of dust and other contaminants down to the level of the coronavirus. According to studies, FFp2 mask respirators have an FFP2 level of security based on their filtering capacity under lab conditions, with a 94 percent filtering performance and an 8 percent overall inward leakage.

Respirators with the FFp2 Face Mask guard against normal amounts of dust, as well as solid and liquid aerosols. It is important to understand the amount and form of toxins to which employees might be exposed. You’ll have to pick dust masks based on their FFP level after you’ve accurately assessed the “airborne dangers” in your normal workplace.

The best face mask for your workplace is one that meets the necessary, “FFP ranking” while still being practical and relaxing for your employees.

This mask can be used in a variety of industries, including the manufacturing, pharmaceuticals,  agriculture, glass industry, and foundry . It essentially prevents the spread of powdered chemicals.

This mask will also guard against respiratory viruses like extreme acute respiratory syndrome associated with the coronavirus, avian influenza as well as tuberculosis bacteria and at aslo pneumonia. It’s comparable to the N95 cover.

It defends against moderate dust volumes as well as solid and liquid aerosols.

It’s good for sanding and plastering.

They have more security than the FFP1 face mask. “OEL” : Protects against materials in concentrations up to 12 times the maximum allowed. “APF” : Protects against materials in concentrations up to ten times the maximum allowed.

Detail of FFP2 face masks

The product’s name is ‘Filtering NR Security Mask.’ The model number is OL001.

Folding scale “15.6cm*10.5cm(0.5cm), 30 pcs/box  are among the package specifications.

” ‘EN149 2001 +A1:2009’ is the Executive standard. FFP2 NR is its classification.

The mask shell, nose piece, and ear straps, as well as a distance-adjustable plastic clasp, make up the Filtering NR Protection Mask. The mask’s body is made up of, ’40 percent melt blown fabric’ and ’60 percent non-woven fabric’.

Face Mask Keep Your Health From Dust

Workplaces also hide threats that aren’t readily apparent. These dangers will harm your health indefinitely, and in the worst-case scenario, even kill you. As a result, it’s important to provide the respiratory passages with the best possible protection against the toxic effects of smoke, gases, pollutants and other dust particles, in the indoor air.

Strong dust spores, fibres, aerosols and microorganisms are all protected by FFp2 Dust Masks. These masks suck the bad stuff out of the air you breathe so you don’t inhale potentially harmful/poisonous dust particles.

Some staff choose not to wear a dust mask because it makes them feel awkward, men may need to shave every day so the mask works properly on their skin, it may compete with other PPE, such as ‘goggles/ face screen’ , other workers on the site area do not wear them because they want to blend in, among several other reasons.

The FFp2 face mask respirator will help you avoid chest tightness, debilitating coughs, wheezing, trouble breathing. shortness of breath, as well as more long-term illnesses like “COPD, lung cancer, mesothelioma” etc

When going to the office, store, and  malls you must wear a face mask respirator. This will keep you and everyone safe and sound. If a person is infected with the coronavirus, they will keep it in their body for up to fourteen days (14Days)  if they have no symptoms. Before attending a public hearing, one must wear an FFP grade mask. In the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak, this, “EN 149 ffp2 mask” is also used. To avoid the transmission of any other virus, like coronavirus, an FFP security mask should be worn.

FFP2 Mask Wholesale And Company

Olayer is a, “Chinese manufacturer of FFP2 face masks” . It is a German inverted FFP2 protective face mask maker from Europe, offering wholesale FFP2 face mask respirators to Europe and the rest of the world. It currently has twenty assembly lines (0.6 million ffp2 dust PPE protective face masks every day), although it offer wholesale rate of ffp2 mask and other masks like KN95 etc.

Olayer supply wholesale price for  FFP2, FFP3 face masks, and N95 mask respirators to protect people like doctors, nurses, and the public from coronavirus. N95 respirator, FFP2, and FFP3 face masks are very important to deal with coronavirus. The ffp2 face masks we make that have min 98% of paraffin oil filtering effection according to EN 149 2001 +A1:2009 ( EN 149 testing report). The FFP2 mask respirator olayer produce has a folding shape so that you can carry it easily.

“FFP2, FFP3 face masks, and N95” mask respirators are available at bulk prices from Olayer to shield individuals from coronavirus. Coronavirus requires the use of, “N95 respirators, FFP2, and FFP3 face masks” . According to, “EN 149 2001 +A1:2009” , the ffp2 face masks we create have a paraffin oil filtering effect of at least 98 percent ( EN 149 testing report).

The ‘FFP2 mask respirator’, olayer product has a foldable design that makes it easy to transport.

The global market for, ‘goggles, and personal protective equipment, and face masks has risen as a result of the pandemic. There are some masks that we would use to sell all over the world. “FFP1 face mask, FFP2 face mask (also known as N95 face mask respirators), and FFP3 face mask” are the three main types. Each mask product is manufactured and supplied by Olayer with the highest standard in mind.

NIOSH has approved the company’s China N95 masks based on “42 CFR 84 of N95” . Olayer has extensive expertise and adheres to the, ‘ISO 9001: 2015 management framework’ . The company is committed to ensure that each and every FFP2 face mask meets the EN 149 norm for class FFP2. Olayer, a German-owned mask manufacturer in China, ensures that the ‘FFP2 Respiratory Protection Mask’ is worth your money.

 Olayer capacity will be one million FFP2 face masks per day. It can arrange daily or weekly delivery. It will deliver to you by air, sea, or train.

If you want to get best products in the world at affordable prices contact Olayer. We are committed to providing you with quality products. People should all be aware of this coronavirus crisis.

1M (one million) FFP2 face masks will be produced every day by Olayer. It will plan for distribution on a regular or weekly basis. It will transport you to you by sea, air, train, or sea,

Contact Olayer if you want the best goods in the world at a reasonable price. We are committed to providing you with quality products. People should all be aware of this coronavirus crisis.

When you wear the mask, the awareness will improve. Coronavirus management will be aided by the use of the, “N95 respirator, FFP2, KN95 and FFP3′ face masks” . Let’s join forces to battle COVID-19 by purchasing masks from the best brand, Olayer, at a reasonable price.

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