6 Facts You Should Know Before You See A Chiropractor in Singapore

On Google, one of the most searched phrases is ”Chiropractor Singapore”. It is not surprising because chiropractic treatment is very effective for neck and shoulder aches and lower back pain, and knee pain conditions. That’s why chiropractors are becoming very popular among people in Singapore. 

A chiropractor is a person who treats problems in the musculoskeletal region using spine manipulation. Simply put, they crack and adjust your spine. People often ask why people in Singapore see chiropractors. The reason is mainly because of back pain. 

Most chiropractors say that spinal adjustments can offer other health benefits, such as promoting and preventing disease, optimizing daily performance, and connecting to your self-healing mechanism. However, questions and issues have been raised about chiropractic treatment. That’s why we have put together this article on facts you should know before you see the best Chiropractor in Singapore.

1. The famous word chiropractic has a Greek origin

It originates from Grecian origin, Cheir, meaning hand, and Praktos, which means done. So, when out together, you can translate them to mean ”Done by hand” or ”hands-on care”. If you’re familiar with chiropractic care, you’ll know the name, Daniel David Palmer. He is recognized as the father of Chiropractic care. In 1895, he conducted the first chiropractic adjustment to a person known as Harvey Lillard. As a result, Lillard was able to regain his hearing ability with the help of Chiropractic treatment after 17 years. 

Chiropractic treatment focuses on how your overall health is affected by your bones, muscles, and joints. However, they don’t prescribe drugs or carry out the surgery. Instead, they use controlled force with their hands to restore joint movement and may involve exercise. 

2. The cost of seeing a chiropractor in Singapore varies

The standard Chiropractor Singapore price for consultation with no treatment is $70-$120. However, for treatment, the prices are lower. 

The length of training as a chiropractor lasts about four years. The Best Chiropractor in Singapore helps you achieve your full potential by considering who you are, the things you like, your value system, behavioural changes, and what you hope to accomplish from chiropractic care. That’s why you need a good chiropractor to construct a personalized pain solution to help you achieve freedom. 

3. Chiropractors are not medical doctors

They are health care providers trained in the diagnosis and treatment of muscle and joint disorders. They are not orthopaedic doctors, so they don’t work with bones. Although chiropractors trained in the United States are given a doctor of chiropractic degree, it refers to the nature of the program. Chiropractic treatment lays more emphasis on the manual techniques that include spinal manipulation and joint adjustment. 

The main focus is on restoring function and joint subluxation. Today, chiropractic cases are regarded as a significant instance of complementary health discipline and are accepted worldwide. The World Health Organization has published guidelines that recommend a minimum standard of education for regulating chiropractic services under national health care systems. A qualified chiropractic doctor undergoes laboratory and clinical internship while their doctoral program lasts for four years. They study anatomy, nervous system, bone disorders, exercise therapy, and nutrition. Afterward, they must pass a national examination that allows them to practice in their state. 

4. Chiropractic Treatment is a drug-free, holistic and non-invasive process involving body realignment

Chiropractors examine an area and do a review of the medical history. Once the physical examination is done, they decide on the treatment for the patient. Chiropractic treatment ranges from stretching, adjustment, and sustained pressure on joints.  Chiropractic procedures are safe. The process of chiropractic treatment is safe and very effective. It does not involve surgery and is highly recommended for people within all age groups, including infants, kids, and pregnant women. You are confident that you’re in safe bands and working with a professional who will handle the procedure in the best way possible. That’s why it’s imperative to look for the Best TCM in Singapore when you want to undergo this process. 

5. Chiropractic treatment is not limited to back pain

Many believe that chiropractors handle only back pain. That’s not so because chiropractic treatment is for back pain and others like joint pain, neck pain, and headache. In addition, chiropractic treatment helps boost the immune system, thus improving digestion problems, immune systems, and increasing body flexibility. Even when you don’t have any issues in your body, chiropractic cases help improve fitness, mentally and physically. It helps you remain active all day. 

6. Chiropractic care is for all body types

It helps a child recover quickly from conditions like Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), reduce ear infection and colic. In adults, chiropractic helps treat various ailments like neck pain, back pain, joint problems like arthritis, and other musculoskeletal pains. It also helps in the treatment of stress, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. If it is an older adult, chiropractic helps treat aches and ailment, typically to aged people.

With chiropractic care, there’s a scope of improvement for everyone. Those who have not visited chiropractors know nothing about their services and the treatment procedures. It’s essential to know the benefits of visiting your chiropractor regularly. 

On your first appointment, a physical examination is conducted. You’ll be asked about your problem, and the chiropractor may ask you to do some tests in the laboratory or X-ray. If the problem is not suitable for chiropractic treatment, you’ll be asked to see another doctor. If spinal manipulation is essential, you may receive treatment immediately and come back subsequently for more treatments. Your condition determines how many times you can visit. 

Experienced chiropractors are very professional in their procedures and assists you in conquering any situation faster. They also offer walk-in appointments with friendly staff and very affordable treatment plans. Accessing chiropractic care is painless and convenient. 

Qualified chiropractors have the potential to align your spine correctly, so you feel happier and more assertive in a short while. However, in Singapore, chiropractic is not regulated, and chiropractors are not permitted to practice medicine. Also, there’s no chiropractic course in Singapore, so most local chiropractors are trained abroad.

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