From Average To Riches, Nitish Behl Tells Us How He Has Achieved Success At Just 23 Years

Who wants to know more about digital marketing? Well, it is a general norm among people these days to keep learning about new trending topics everyday, what better opportunity you might have then this to learn from the professional digital marketer who has been serving clients officially from 2018, and unofficially from way before that.

If we are to begin from the roots, we must mention the early achievements of Nitish Behl and his ventures as a child. Young Nitish Behl had a lot of goals and dreams in his life, but more than that he had the willingness to be successful despite situations. It was in 10th grade when he first realised his true calling in life, and started working as a marketer, making 20,000 by just being technologically woke and educated.

“I thought that, if I can make so much by just the basic research knowledge, how much will I have as turnovers when I grow up? It is certainly surprising what professional knowledge can do, I decided to go for computer engineering because that is the closest and best option to the work that I do right now. They will tell you allsorts of things that come up that you have to specifically do this one particular course or you have to have at least 10 years of experience, you can obviously follow such advice but don’t fall for everything that you read online. If I tell you about my personal experience, my advice would be to invest in something that you are really passionate about. Since I enjoy digital marketing, working in my company JMD digital Inc has not been as difficult as it is for other unprofessional and inexperienced people. If you are not passionate about the work, you will not last long in the business. Business is all about maintaining the pace and the number of customers you deal with regularly. It should only keep increasing, anything less than that is too risky” says Nitish Behl

This young 23 year old boy from Jalandhar, Punjab is certainly creating a lot of ripples in the ocean of marketers. Right now he has the 25 million traffic on his own Facebook page. Nothing but his hard work, along with his brother’s hard work can be held responsible for such a wide reach. Now they make use of their own resources to help along their clients who are platforms, especially social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

Probabilities confirm that most people find service or inspiration, whatever it is that they’re looking for, from their page. We will do you a favour and provide you with the link, stay safe and stay motivated.

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