What is Mercari

Mercari is a popular Japanese E-commerce platform that was launched in February 2013. This marketplace is currently operating in Japan and the United States. You can sell the items that you no longer need or discover new items to improve your space. More than 350k items are listed on Mercari every day. People seem to be enjoying the marketplace based on the good ratings in both Google play store and Appstore. 

Shintaro Yamada founded Mercari Inc in a quest to circulate limited resources to the people. The platform accumulated 1M+ listings within a year of its launch. Besides, it was the first Japanese company to hit Unicorn status.

It expanded in the USA and was adopted by the people quickly. The US downloads alone have surpassed 40 Million. Although it was launched in Europe, Mercari retreated temporarily in December 2018. Hence the platform is currently active in Japan and the United States.

Why it is a popular Japanese shopping platform

Anyone can buy and sell: No matter who you are, Mercari offers equal opportunity to everyone. You can sell anything that you are not using anymore, outgrew, or never used, and still has value. Besides, you can also buy items from any seller.

Wide variety of items: Buyers have a huge variety of products to choose from. Over 350k items are listed on Mercari every day, giving a buyer a great opportunity to have a wide variety of choices. This is the one-stop marketplace for anything that you need.

Unique shipping system: Mercari has partnered with some of Japan’s leading shipping companies such as Ebuy, Japan, and Yamato transport. Users can ship items at ease thanks to the partnerships with these companies.

Quality products: Mercari is one of the leading platforms in terms of quality. You get to read the reviews from other buyers before making a purchase.

Ebuy-professional Japanese shopping platform

Ebuy is a purchasing agent and logistics company based in Japan. It enhances your experience even further for platforms such as Mercari. Besidesuses unique algorithms to find the best products from the top marketplace platforms in Japan. Once you check out with Ebuy, It will provide warehouse services, shipping services, and after-sales services.

1.   You can buy all kinds of Japanese car parts in ebuy

If you are looking to buy spare parts for your car, you need to start with Ebuy. This platform uses smart intelligence to find the best offers from big platforms such as Mercari or Yahoo auctions. Ebuy makes it easy for you to buy all kinds of Japanese Car parts.

2.   Efficient logistics service in Ebuy

No matter what item you buy, Ebuy can ship your products with great efficacy. It has very big warehouses across Japan with certified employees to handle your products.

3.   Buy from the Major Platforms

Ebuy synchronizes all the leading platforms as one. Whether you want to buy from Rakuten, Yahoo, Mercari, or saruga-ya.jp, Ebuy has got your back.

4.   Multiple Payment gateway

Ebuy offers a wide variety of payment modes to its customers. You can use a Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal.

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