Teen Star Evolves His Sound: The Rise Of Kane Bailey

Not even a year ago, a rapper and singer by the name of Kane Bailey emerged in the hiphop scene. Although he began releasing music back in 2018 with his first song, “Grind On My Mind”, it wasn’t until 2020 the rapper began picking up the pace. 

Starting out, Kane Bailey always knew he would be something special. At a young age his dad used to expose him to old-school music that gave him a background for the natural knack at rapping he has today. 

Since the rapper is still so young in his career, his sound is still evolving. You can hear an example of this in his 2019 single, “No Cap”. In this single, Kane Bailey had a Migos style flow which was popular at the time. Fast forwarding to one of this latest tracks “Lavish”, you can see how Bailey has not only gotten better at singing, but is also much more confident in his delivery. 

With this constant progression, Kane Bailey undoubtedly has a big future ahead. Make sure to stay up to date by following the young rapper on Spotify below. 

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