8 Things That Can Make Your Bar Popular Among Booze-Lovers

With the development of new hangout places every day, the industry of bars, pubs, lounges, and nightclubs has become even more competitive. And, this growing market has made it difficult for the bar spaces with the same old vibe to stand out to the customers.

But don’t worry. We are here to help with these 8 innovative things that can help your bar attract more customers while keeping the existing ones coming back. If you follow these basic tips, surely all the booze-lovers won’t look out for other bars or nightclubs to hang out and chill.

  1. Luxurious Drinking Station

One of the main reasons that most people visit bars is to enjoy alcoholic drinks. So, the first and foremost thing a bar should offer its customers is a variety of liquor, cocktail, or booze. It is essential to stock up on some best vodka online to avoid getting run out of their favorite cocktails, bottles and drinks.

However, having liquor storage is not enough. Instead, you have to highlight what you got. Invest in an aesthetically pleasing alcohol cabinet, buy top-notch glasses, and create the ambiance they need to sip on the drink.

  • Cool Vibey Music

Your customers aren’t only here to enjoy drinking but to chill, relax, and refresh their mood. And, what can be a better mood-setter than good music that can create the perfect bar vibe every booze-lover is looking for.

Select a playlist that can lift the spirits of even a gloomy person. But, be aware not to play sounds that might be too loud for anyone’s liking. For instance, you can choose a soft melody during the day while turning up the volume to some upbeat, disco, or party-starting music at night.

  • Updated Menu

We are living in a digital era where food trends change almost every day. So, if your bar has the same boring menu for a long time, it can make your customers lose interest due to a lack of creative side dishes, even if you have the best cocktails and liquors. The best practice is to add new dishes and drinks at least once a month.

You can also create a weekly ‘surprise menu’ to make your regular customers curious. This will only make them come back and see what innovative deliciousness you are going to offer them. To survive the competition, keep a close check on the menu of neighboring bars and pubs to get the hang of what others are serving on their menu.

  • Appealing Stylish Décor

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You have the best menu, classy alcoholic drinks, vibey music, and whatnot, but if you haven’t put up strings to create the ‘look’ for your bar, nobody is going to stay in it for a long time. Start by investing in comfy furniture to make them feel at home.

Place catchy neon signs at the entrance and in the bar to grab their attention. Hang dim lights to set up the cozy ambiance. Keep unique and antique decoration pieces to give a pop to areas you want to highlight.

  • Introduce Weekly Themes

The best way to engage and entertain all the booze-lovers is by introducing weekly themes in your bar. You can set up a cool dress code for each week to boost the number of customers and sales. For instance, plan the menu and playlist according to the selected theme. And don’t forget to match the lighting as it can ruin the whole concept.

Another thing you can do to attract new people is by creating a ‘Hot on the Menu’ game that allows the customers to mix up weird ingredients and let others decide the name and taste of this new sneaky dish or drink.

  • Avoid Overcrowding

Surely, efficiently utilizing the bar space is a compulsory thing to give it the perfect appearance needed for a modern feel. But sometimes, all of the added furniture and decorations give it an overcrowded look which can make your visitors think, ‘there’s too much happening here.’

Your goal is to make them stay and not to shoo them away. Make sure to leave some free space between the furniture and decorations so that even when the party is at its peak, they can still wander away freely to find drinks or a comfy place to sit.

  • Hand Out Souvenirs

Most people like to collect souvenirs as a keepsake from the places they had the best experience at. It reminds them of the good memories and the quality time they spent there. And, this great feeling will only make them want to revisit the place.

For your customers’ such an unforgettable memory, you can introduce various souvenirs of your bar like napkins, little decoration pieces, candies, cookies, and other items. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but something simpler to make them feel special and needed.  

  • No Compromise on Hospitality

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Good hospitality and quick serving are the real deal-breakers. Yes, even if you follow all the tips and tricks mentioned above, but your bartenders have got a bad serving time, or your staff is poor at customer dealing, you will eventually lose your regular customers.

Moreover, it will give your bar a bad reputation, making it difficult to attract new people to hang in. So, it is crucial to hire staff and bartenders that are efficient and know well how to upsell the customers to make them want to come back.

Bars are perfect for drinking, dancing, enjoying the me-time, meeting different people, or making new drinking buddies. But it can only happen if the customers feel welcomed and special every time they visit.

And, the things mentioned above will help you achieve exactly that ‘homey’ status for your bar. Not only our easy ideas will help you upgrade your bar space, but they will also increase the number of customers allowing your bar to have a good turn-around.

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