What is an anechoic chamber

An anechoic chamber is a special testing environment designed to absorb electromagnetic or sound waves. Besides, it also prevents external waves from entering the chamber. Hence the results that you get simulates an empty infinite large room.

An American Acoustics formulated the term while he was referring to the acoustic anechoic chamber. But the term has recently been tuned to RF anechoic chambers. This can eliminate external noise and reflection caused by electromagnetic waves. There are many different types of anechoic chambers; some are small, like an oven, while others are big like the supermarkets.

  • How does anechoic chamber work

 The RF anechoic chamber interior walls are made of radiation absorbent material. Rather than acoustically absorbent material. RF anechoic chambers are used for testing radars and antennas. It houses the antennas while you take measurements of electromagnetic interference and antenna radiation patterns. When designing antennas, they need to hit expectations such as efficiency, gain, and pattern characteristics. But it’s becoming more complex since a single device has incorporated GPS, RFID, WI-FI, Bluetooth, LTE, and MIMO.

  • Features of anechoic chamber

The RF anechoic chamber is shielded with a material that absorbs radio waves. Mostly the absorber material is made of foam pyramid induced with ferrite tiles for testing lower frequency and conductive carbon for measuring upper frequencies,

The RF shielded chamber is constructed using pyramidal structures depending on the wavelength. These chambers have a unique allowing operators to test radiation emissions. By preventing external interference, you can easily identify the electromagnetic field being produced unintentionally by your device.

RF chambers are mostly used to ensure that the products comply with industry standards. However, others use it for radiated immunity testing, specific absorption rate testing, radiated emissions testing, and wireless transmitter testing

  • Why choose Bojay

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Bojay offers 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, or Skype. It has provided RF test solutions and anechoic chambers for more than ten years. In addition, they have a team of experienced engineers located in both China and the USA for designing RF products.

 Bojay’s product

Bojay provides mm waves and 5G Anechoic chambers for testing phones, laptops, and tablets. Besides, it also offers an anechoic chamber for table test, mass production, and compact antenna test range. The best thing about Bojay is that it provides RF components and antennas. For example, you can get RF components such as the filter, RF cable, and RF adapter. You can also request a customized chamber or sub-6G RF shield box for the PCBA and OTA test. If you are looking for the best anechoic chamber producer or testing and 5G mm solutions, Bojay should be your priority.

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