Super Talented Squash Player MOUSTAFA BAYOUMY. Secrets of Success

Squash is a sport that allows you to stay in shape, be healthy and flexible. It is especially recommended for people who are looking in sports for a way to overcome daily stress. If you need a physically costly but at the same time fascinating and strategically exciting sport, then squash is for you!

Thanks to excessive loads, this sport has become especially popular in the corporate environment because it is fashionable and extremely useful for health. All players must apply a lot of effort, flexibility, and speed to get a positive result. The cardiovascular system will come in tone, and general well-being will become better, in parallel with mood. We decided to find out all the details and details of this sport from the super talented player MOUSTAFA BAYOUMY.

What do you like most about the sport? 

This sport is for mentally and physically concentrated people. The process of the game I perceive as a challenge to the individual. It forces you to show your best qualities: logic, the ability to calculate the next step of the opponent ahead. It significantly improves health.

At what age did you discover your talent?

At the age of 5, my father took me with him to games they spent with friends. Then I first picked up a Squash racket. At 10, I received my first award in this sport. Then I got into the ranking of the top 5 best players in Egypt. After that, my professional career began.

How much time do you dedicate to squash every day?

Hundreds of practice hours and constant work on the skill. At 14, I made the Egyptian National Team. Training took place two times a day (morning and evening). Also fitness every day. I spent all my free time playing while sacrificing relationships with friends and other hobbies. All I saw was school and squash. On average, it took about 5-7 hours every day.

Who’s been your most substantial influence when playing? And how have they helped you develop your style?

My parents had the most decisive influence on the formation of me as a professional squash player. As my trainer, my father always accompanied me with tournaments and practices. He taught me not only to play but also to give 100% to everything I do (and not only in sports). He brought up the most positive character traits, such as patience, willpower, the ability to work hard and not give up under any circumstances. My mom dedicated her life to me. She took me to train, helped me cope with homework and other school work. She always supported me and was near at each match. And I always wanted my parents to be proud of me.

To be a champion athlete, how much is talent, and how much is hard work?

Having talent, nothing in itself, without hard work. This is a gift that needs to be constantly realized and honed in every facet, like in a precious diamond. You need to be able to find the optimal balance to achieve the highest point of success. 

What is the most common injury in squash?

The most frequent are ankle injuries. After all, when you constantly move on the court, making brutal blows, there is strong friction. Using lunge-type movements, the player can easily earn hamstring injuries. Also common are wrist injuries from a constant load on the hands.

As one of the most physically demanding games, can you share a bit of your fitness regime and how you keep yourself prepared and ready to play the game?

Fitness is an integral part of a sport like squash. Before the start of the season, the number of classes increases to 5-6 per week. Such loads include mainly long-distance running, weight lifting, leg training. When the season has already begun, I try to devote more time to practice the game. The number of classes is about 4 per week, and the focus is on explosive movements and agility. Squash is called ghosting; it helps in proving step efficiency. I’m always in touch with my fitness coach. Every time we discuss my weaknesses and what to train on in the future. To do this, we carefully analyze each tournament and match. I will give good advice: do not ignore the importance of stretching before and after each fitness workout. This will help avoid physical injuries on the court.

Who do you most admire in the sport? Who’s your inspiration?

Ramy Ashour is my favorite. I genuinely admire his skill. By the way, I was lucky enough to play with him together in Cairo, Egypt, Heliopolis Club. I always watch and will watch his game, even after I finish practicing myself. He always enjoyed sharing his experience with me and helped me develop my swing and game plan. For me, this is the best experience, watching his game, admiring his unique and creative style and approach to the game.

Squash is not an easy game, and only super hardy and talented players achieve real success. This sport develops endurance, coordination of movements, tactical thinking, spatial imagination, reaction speed, strength, agility, and even psychological stability.

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