Global warming has raised alarm and calls for quick intervention worldwide. Are you ready to be involved in this movement? Installing a solar water heater on your rooftop is one of the best you can do. Solar water heaters prices in Kenya are affordable hence reachable to the Kenyan society.

Here is quick information about the solar water heaters that almost everyone ignores.

Construction and working principle of solar water heaters

They purely rely on solar energy hence a friend to the ecosystem. They are therefore installed in open locations especially the rooftops. This ensures direct contact of the sun rays with the collectors. They consist of the heating unit and heat-loss-free storage system.

A continuous flow of water is supplied through the solar tubes for heating and then transferred to a storage unit for later use. This is the simplest overview of how solar water heaters work and they are available at affordable solar water heater prices in Kenya.

Types of solar water heaters available in the Kenyan market

The photo below shows an installed solar water heater on a rooftop

The design and complexity are always the price holder of every piece of equipment. Weather changes are also vital to the functionality of a solar, as cloudy or foggy environments will require the most efficient solar heaters. The existing types include:

1. Air solar heater systems – the air-to-water heat unit is the distinguishing component. Air is hated by the collectors and channeled to the unit. This indirect heater system requires more sunlight.
2. Drain-down water heating system – circulated air is heated and stored in the tank.
3. Thermosiphon water heater system – the collectors heat the supplied water and channel it to the storage unit by convection. When installed in areas with high radiation, pumps will be of no need.
4. Direct-circulation water heater system – water is supplied to the collectors on sunny hours and channeled to the tank for storage.

Price determinants of solar water heaters in Kenya

They come in different capacity tanks such as 300L, 200L and you can afford one at KSH 65,000. Get more inquiries on price tags from solar heater dealers, as they vary also depending on brands.

Why you should own a solar water heater

In Kenya, most of the regions experience sunny hours making it convenient for solar systems. It has unlimited benefits that include:

It is economical i.e. you only spend initial purchasing and a little maintenance fee.

It uses a reliable and renewable energy source.
They are environment friendly; the sun energy never pollutes the environment.
They are efficient as compared to photovoltaic cells.

A few concerns on solar water heaters

Why is that solar water heaters are not very popular in Kenya despite their prices? Here are a few reasons:

They are only limited to water heating. One who finds an alternative cheaper way to get their water heated may never have solar heaters as an option.
They rely only on sunlight – this limits its use in the mountain areas.
They require regular maintenance for a longer life service cycle.

Do you rely consistently on hot water? If yes, consider getting a solar water heater at an affordable price in Kenya today and start saving your money and environment. For more information, visit solarwaterheaterkenya.com

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