Izzy Tune about to release his new song Keep Watching

Singing is a form of art that requires continuous practice. The most important factors on which singing is completely dependent upon is pitch, rhythm, breath, voice and diction.

There are many underground singers in the music globe who are giving a tough competition worldwide to get themselves at the top. The ones who are determined and dedicated to their goal are able to make themselves settle at a certain level. With time, many new voices were introduced to the audience of different categories of music. Sometimes the songs got flopped and sometimes the singer.

Today we are going to introduce you to well known face of the music globe better known as “Izzy Tune”. He is a singer and songwriter associated with the field of Punjabi language music. From the beginning of his life he always had a dream to become a successful singer. He started his journey in trucking near about 8 years ago from now. Izzy was into music before starting his career in trucking.

Izzy Tune believes that trucking is a freedom and peace of mind whereas music is a lifestyle of meeting people and working in a new environment. Izzy’s way of singing is way unique and appreciated. He has already given a hit song “Mere Mahi” to the music sphere which was liked by a huge number of people and helped a lot in the uplifting of Izzy’s career as a singer.
Izzy is a very hardworking personality who is tackling and jumping hurdles everyday to make himself better than his every yesterday.

With full of positivity inside his heart and full of enthusiasm inside him. He’s ready to release a new song “Keep Watching” in May 2021 which is surely going to be a big success for our melodious gentleman. Izzy has a fan following over 12.7K people on Instagram.

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