How to wash workout gloves? ( Beginner Guide for GYM Champs )

Cleaning is a very healthy habit. Nobody has ever regretted being so cleaning-freak or a clean junkie.

A person who is obsessed with the gym and work out needs many accessories like proper costumes, perfect sneakers and fit gloves. After a hectic day at the gym, these things get dirty and stinky.

As a gym nut you know, for a better grip you need quality gloves. This pair of lovelies not only provides you with a tight hold and prevents your hands from getting callused.

Why do your gloves need  cleaning  regularly?

So, you are done with the workout, you put your gloves back in the gym bag. You reached home and you gave a refreshing spin to your workout clothes and socks.


Have you ever wondered you missed something close to your mouth or something you can’t neglect during exercise? Yes… They are nothing but the gloves which are so close to you.

Gloves are small or don’t always get sweaty. You don’t consider washing them often as you do with the gym clothes until they become stinky or drenching.


You have always practised this thing all through your life. Let me tell you a dark secret, the dark, damp and moist environment in your gym bag is nurturing harmful bacterias in your gloves.

Every time you wear these gloves you are exposed to germ-infested, dusty and greasy gym equipment. So, yes you are harming yourself by not washing gloves regularly. Don’t worry if you think they are thicker than other garments.

If you have used gloves for the light workout you don’t need to wash them daily. You can simply rinse them with water and put them in sunlight. Never expose them directly to the sunlight otherwise you can crack the leather or rubber part. However, proper disinfection of the gloves is required.

If you are weightlifting champ, You will also need full finger workout gloves By Spintousa

What is the right way to wash Gym gloves?

Before you start washing your gloves like other garments, you need to go through the below-listed steps to keep gloves in a good condition. It’s always a helpful method to consult the manufacturers about the washing guides. This not only avoids the early ageing of products but saves your hard-earned money too.

Here, we have penned down certain helpful ways. Have a look.

  1. Wash gloves in the washing machine

Well, it’s a good idea to wash clothes in the washing machine. This is a less time and energy-consuming process. In this age of technology, nobody can ever deny how useful this appliance is.

Its recommended to wash the gloves in the washing machine. Just throw the little dirty fellows in the washing machine along with the batch of clothes, you need to wash.

Make sure that the velcro steps of gloves are fastened otherwise they will latch to other pieces of clothes.

  • Wash gloves in the sink

One of the handy methods is to wash the gloves in the sink. Fill your bathroom sink with lukewarm water and add some gentle detergent to the sink. Soak the gloves in the water.

Start rubbing the gloves gently with your hands to clean all the parts of the gloves. Gentle scrubbing can remove any grime and bacteria accumulated on the gloves.

Be careful enough to use warm water. Boiling water can damage both your hands and gloves. There should be enough detergent to make the water sudsy.

  • Inside out the Gloves

Once you have given enough time cleaning the gloves in the sink. Now spare few minutes to flip the gloves inside out to clean them easily.

After you flip gloves inside out recap the same instruction you did to wash them from outside. This step makes cleaning easy and precise.

Sometimes your gloves keep smelling awful. The best way to get rid of smelly gloves is to soak the inside out gloves in water for at least one hour. This will remove any bad smell.

Rinse the gloves thoroughly with clean water to remove any kind of residue left.

  •  Air dry your gloves

After washing your gloves from both inside and outside and them rinsing with clean water, hang them somewhere they get dried. Make sure not to leave your gloves directly exposed to sunlight. Extreme exposure to sunlight can cause damage to gloves and may cause discolouration.

The harmful sun rays can also damage the rubber-padding of your lovely gloves.


It’s a good idea to wash your gym accessories regularly. Gloves are undoubtedly the most neglected thing. Washing them now and then makes you comfortable to use them in workout sessions. The refreshing detergent smell keeps you fresh all day long.

The careful washing and drying can also prolong your gloves life before you need to replace them.

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