Head of Software Engineering @ Cyber Boy Corp. Hospitalized with COVID-19

The pandemic, COVID-19, was first appeared in December 2019. It has appeared time and again with its 2nd and 3rd layers around the globe. It has led to close all the markets and businesses, and people have lost their livings due to the pandemic. Many business, digital markets, and games which were to be introduced have delayed. One of such most awaiting games that have delayed due to the pandemic is the 3D Chess game developed by renown Sr. Roy Andrade the CEO of Cyber Boy Corp. Let’s dive into the matter and witness the relentless efforts of Sr. Roy Andrade.

Cyber Boy Corp. is a technology and software company in Beverly Hills, California, USA. This company was founded by Sr. Roy Andrade with tunnel vision, innovation, and confidence to build a brand for the world to admire. Not too many people will accomplish what Sr. Roy Andrade has in such a short period of time, but that’s what being a CEO is all about, being a leader, and someone to emulate given his work ethic.

He works relentlessly days and nights to accomplish what he targets. He knows very well what it takes to see everything go wrong even when you are working with all your heart. He saw business sinking during the Pandemic.

Making CyberBoy a top twenty software company in the Unites States from a protection agency has not been easy for him. There were times when he was tested from head to toe, but these are the times when the leader must stand firm. He has stood like a wall in all those times.

The sad news is that Company’s head of Software Engineering has contracted COVID-19 which has caused a delay in Cyber Boy Corp.’s much awaited 3D chess game. The game was aimed to be distributed in the markets by May, but it will be delayed until the recovery of Head of Software Engineering. We all pray and hope for the earliest recovery of the Head.

Sr. Roy Andrade said, “California Governor Gavin Newsom released a statement regarding Californians making progress in controlling the spread of COVID-19, which resulted in the lowest positivity rate in the country, but, that doesn’t mean that the virus has been terminated. That [expletive] is still out there and we need to exercise caution. Cyber Boy Corp. doesn’t hit the panic button. We are financially strong and will wait for our Head of Software Engineering to recover 100 percent before we proceed with the release of our first 3D video game. However, we are still open for business. Our IT department is booming and so are many other layers in our company. Thank you.”

The enthusiasm of Sr. Roy and his team is worth appreciating. We all are waiting for the 3D Chess game by Cyber Boy Corp. Let’s pray for the earliest recovery of the Head of Software Engineering.

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