Writer Extraordinaire Diablo Cody Pens Upcoming Blake Lively Film “Lady Killer”

Back in the day – around the mid-2000s – Diablo Cody used to write a semi-regular column for Entertainment Weekly, a magazine that I had by then been routinely picking up since the early 1990s. Her articles were always informative, substantive and, thank the Cinema Gods, fun. That last word – fun – especially had me eagerly waiting whatever her next column would be. Irreverence is oft times the best way to handle the entertainment industry and this was something that Cody doled out with her columns in big, heaping servings. It was as if the talented writer behind such hit films as Juno had taken a wrong turn on her first day of work and, instead of winding up at what used to be one of the Top Dogs of substantive irreverent movie news mags, Movieline Magazine (where she really belonged), she somehow found herself sandwiched between the glossy pages of a magazine that, as the years went on, was facing more and more of an identity crisis. Perhaps that made the Oscar winner’s writing all the sweeter to my eyes which over the years had known and roundly celebrated others of her ilk such as Libby Gelman-Waxman, Joe Queenan and Stephen Rebello. She was a rare feather indeed in the Entertainment Weekly cap.

 Diablo Cody, columnist-wise, has gone the way of my mucho expired subscription to EW, but that’s alright because the news of the day as reported by our humble associates at The Hollywood Reporter has me smilin’ like a catfish: Diablo Cody of Jennifer’s Body fame has just landed the plum assignment of adapting the Dark Horse comic book limited series Lady Killer for Café Society star Blake Lively.

 Lady Killer is about a seemingly normal American housewife of the 1950s who – wait for it – covertly leads a life as a lethal female assassin. This super-intriguing premise was dreamt up by comic book luminaries Joelle Jones and Jamie S. Rich.

 Details are still pending about many facets of this production, but it is known that Lively will act as a producer as well as star in the film which is set up at Netflix. To ensure the spirit of the Lady Killer comic book will endure, Dark Horse’s Mike Richardson and Keith Goldberg will also be on hand as producers alongside Kate Vorhoff. Lively and Vorhoff will be producing through their production house B for Effort.

 So very good to have such a talented wordsmith involved in Lady Killer; Diablo Cody is a genuine hero to this tin-eared scribe.

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