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Writings in any form and type might be exhausting for some, especially when it needs a lot of research to do. This combination of both research and writing is primarily found in academic papers such as dissertations and thesis. Unlike other school requirements that researchers can easily find on the web, a dissertation is higher. It needs an intensive and thorough analysis to come up with valuable results. With this, Gradcoach has given you a brief outline of how you can make remarkable dissertation writing in some simple tips.

Some Dissertation Tips and Tricks

While most people struggle to start, some people might have an edge simply because they have an adequate foundation on the basics of dissertation writing. In this one, you need to have a clear awareness of a proper research process. This basic process involves four major components: finding a good research topic, doing an intensive literature review, creating a comprehensive methodology, and providing an accurate discussion of results, analysis, and recommendation.

When you have a better research topic with a significant knowledge gap and is clear and precise, you need to create a research proposal for evaluation and approval. This phase is a little background on what your research will look like and if the topic is genuinely attainable or not. Then, when the panel approves the proposal, you need to create a compelling introduction to start the research properly.

Take note that the introduction is your what and why. It is the salesman of your work, and it creates an overview of what your research will be attaining. After the introduction is the literature review, this part includes your writing on the related studies and analyses made online and offline. You need to dig deeper and create an outline to synthesize your literature review and fit all the processes together. There is a need to highlight the research gap, define the problem, and use the existing research to apply to your methodology. You need to avoid wasting time on dead ends if you can properly document your work and do a simple catalog about it.

The next stage would be the methodology. It has two steps which are the design and execution of your research data. This stage is the how of your research which includes the sampling technique and data gathering procedure.

After which is the execution, data presentation, discussion, and recommendations. Note that you need to have your data collection in the right approach based on the research problems to be answered in the execution process. You might need sufficient time to do this part. In analyzing your data, you might be confused about the result and discussion part. The outcome presents data while the discussion interprets your data. This interpretation will lead to the conclusion that answers the research problems and the suggestion in the last part. Do not also forget to include your references and citations made throughout your dissertation writing. It would be best if you give credits where credit is due.

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