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In a post-pandemic world, many people have shifted their lifestyles. Major corporations have closed the doors of their headquarters and brick-and-mortar locations. No longer limited by geographical limitations, many professionals have transitioned into a work-from-home environment or chosen a more suitable career path altogether. Many are deciding to make Texas their home, and the state is currently experiencing a flood of incoming residents.

Competition Is Bigger in Texas

New companies and concepts are arising every day under the Texas sun. There is no doubt that the Texas economy is thriving, and there are plenty of opportunities on the horizon. But along with the expansion comes a need for employees. The Texas job market shows high demand for well-educated professionals to keep up with the incoming growth of the healthcare, finance and business industries.

The market has become more diverse but also more competitive. Job candidates are looking for ways to set themselves apart from other applicants. For those who want to further their current education, but cannot afford the time or cost of a traditional college, earning a degree from an online learning institution could be a great place to start.

Work Toward Success Via Online Degree

With University of Phoenix’s online programs, you can earn a career-relevant degree. Whether you pursue a bachelor’s or a master’s degree, additional education can help you prepare for new opportunities. The University offers many affordable programs that can prepare you for future job opportunities or support your current career role.

Read on for a list of Texas’s most statistically lucrative career industries.

Healthcare Industry

The most pertinent increase is the demand for healthcare workers. If you are interested in health, University of Phoenix’s RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing could be an excellent way to pursue that path. Students in this program learn to manage healthcare resources, make informed clinical decisions and practice nursing skills in community health settings.

University of Phoenix also offers a Nursing Bridge Program that helps registered nurses transfer eligible credits from a bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field to work toward their new goal.

While the entire nation is seeking medical staff, Texas is in need of managerial healthcare positions as well. A Bachelor of Science in Health Administration can help prepare students for a behind-the-scenes career in healthcare, solving organizational challenges typically faced by hospitals or nursing homes.

Finance Industry

Major corporations are scaling quickly and need well-qualified finance leaders. If numbers have always been your thing, consider a career in finance.

Many companies require applicants to have a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, which is another degree offered by University of Phoenix. This degree prepares students with accounting knowledge for financial systems in domestic and international transactions. Graduates are equipped to handle bookkeeping, tax preparation and audits in a corporate or public environment.

Business Industry

A degree in business is a surefire way to learn core concepts that will apply across many industries. A Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) degree from the University of Phoenix can prepare you with the decision-making skills needed to solve an array of operational problems.

Careers in business are seeing growth, which shows no signs of slowing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for Business Operations Specialists has a projected 5-7 percent growth rate from 2019 to 2029.

Business graduates can pursue a wide range of managerial roles from Administrative Service Managers to Management Analysts. The knowledge provided in a BSB degree covers crucial aspects of running and managing a business from marketing and leadership to laws and ethics.

For the entrepreneurial mind or those who wish to take their business careers to the next level, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is a great asset. Many national and global companies recruit candidates with higher levels of education and experience. University of Phoenix offers an MBA program that can be completed in as little as 18 months, giving you confidence to start your own venture.

Why University of Phoenix?

An online-based learning experience offers many advantages over traditional schooling. University of Phoenix was designed to provide access to higher education for the working adult.

Another crucial advantage is the flexibility afforded by eliminating scheduled in-person classes. Students at University of Phoenix have 24/7 access to their learning platforms so that they can accomplish their coursework on their own time. Rather than operate on traditional semesters, students can choose their own start date from various monthly options.

University of Phoenix strives to provide a more affordable, simpler education experience right down to the application process. If you are interested in exploring your career options with University of Phoenix, you can request more information at https://www.phoenix.edu/request/request-information.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is an online-based academic institution built to accommodate the needs of the working adult population. Established by John Sperling, Ph.D. in 1976, University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Through a convenient class framework and advisor-led support, more than a million students have earned a degree with University of Phoenix.

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